20 Simple Easter Crafts Kids Can (Almost) Do on Their Own

by Whitney Coy
Mar 27, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Beyond the traditional dyeing of the eggs, the Easter season lends to about a million different crafts that you and your children can enjoy together.

The best thing about these projects is how easy they are — and most of them only require things you probably already have around the house.

Updated by Sarah Long 3/27/17

1 /21: Hollow chocolate Easter eggs

1/21 :Hollow chocolate Easter eggs

These intricate-yet-easy hollow chocolate Easter eggs, molded over a balloon, are truly good enough to eat.

2 /21: Bunny rabbit handprint

2/21 :Bunny rabbit handprint

Create Easter keepsakes for you or loved ones using handprints.

3 /21: Easter egg suncatcher

3/21 :Easter egg suncatcher

Use scraps of paper or other small found items to create this suncatcher with your kids.

4 /21: Easter egg tree

4/21 :Easter egg tree

Your little ones will be thrilled to help you glue the eggs in place for this tree.

5 /21: Paper plate Easter chick

5/21 :Paper plate Easter chick

This simple chick, made from a paper plate, can be displayed all spring long.

6 /21: Sock bunnies

6/21 :Sock bunnies

Put that stash of unmatched socks to good use with this simple sock bunny craft.

7 /21: Coin-covered crosses

7/21 :Coin-covered crosses

This beautiful cross can hang in your house all year long, but it has special significance during Easter season.

8 /21: Button Easter egg ornament

8/21 :Button Easter egg ornament

You'll need to handle the straight pins for littles, but they can do the rest of the work on a colorful Easter ornament.

9 /21: Feathery chick

9/21 :Feathery chick

This little guy is adorable and so easy to put together.

10 /21: Easter Mason jars

10/21 :Easter Mason jars

Little hands will be glad to help you fill these Easter Mason jars — just be sure to keep an eye out for missing candy.

11 /21: Easter cards

11/21 :Easter cards

Mail these cards to friends and family who are far away.

12 /21: Bunny cup

12/21 :Bunny cup

Cutting out the pieces of these cup bunnies is great fine motor skills practice. 

13 /21: Easter egg garland

13/21 :Easter egg garland

Help your kids work on their fine motor skills a little more while creating some festive decor for your home.

14 /21: DIY daffodils

14/21 :DIY daffodils

Sit down with your children, and create a whole bouquet of these springtime beauties

15 /21: Cotton ball lamb

15/21 :Cotton ball lamb

Have your child glue the cotton balls onto a plate, and you're halfway to this cute little lamb.

16 /21: DIY yarn Easter eggs

16/21 :DIY yarn Easter eggs

Dyeing wooden eggs using yarn eliminates that messy Easter dip-and-dye completely.

17 /21: Mess-free Easter eggs

17/21 :Mess-free Easter eggs

Another great alternative to the messy Easter egg dye job — decorate eggs with broken crayons instead.

18 /21: Easter bunny visor

18/21 :Easter bunny visor

Put together this cute DIY Easter bunny visor for kids to wear at the afternoon egg hunt.

19 /21: Stuffed animal squirrel

19/21 :Stuffed animal squirrel

This furry little guy is easy to make from felt to stick in the Easter basket.

20 /21: Easter Bunny wreath

20/21 :Easter Bunny wreath

An adorable front-door wreath, made only from a feather boa, a wreath form and some bunny ears.

21 /21: Pin it!

21/21 :Pin it!