25 YouTube toy unboxing channels kids just can't stop watching

by Theresa Edwards
Mar 4, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

What is it with kids and those unboxing videos on YouTube? Anyone with a toddler who stares mesmerized at the disembodied hands as they unwrap eggs and reveal the mysterious wonders within can tell you that the appeal is a powerful one. Parents react with everything from dismay to bemusement when their own children get sucked into them, but in all honesty, there's a simple reason that kids like this stuff: Because we do.

Not Bubble Guppy erasers dumped out of Kinder eggs over the friendly soundtrack of a soothing voice, of course; but unboxing remains a popular genre because it gives us a chance to experience something we might not otherwise be able to. If you can't afford the newest iPhone, watching someone else unbox it is peculiarly satisfying, and kids feel something similar.

At any rate, be glad: Next time your kid asks for the newest plastic detritus, you can always tune them in to someone unboxing it instead. They might just get it out of their system.

1 /26: Kids' Toys

1/26 :Kids' Toys

One of the powerhouse channels with views into the billions, the appeal of Kid's Toys is likely twofold: The show is hosted by two young sisters so vicarious delight is easy to achieve, and it strives to be a little more educational and interactive than some of the channels that are strictly unboxing endeavors.

2 /26: Baby Big Mouth

2/26 :Baby Big Mouth

By now you're probably aware of the format of these videos, something Baby Big Mouth appears to have perfected. Assuming your child is delighted and not terrified by the channel's opening (A baby. With a big mouth.), this is one you'll likely end up coming back to a lot. The channel turns content over at a really fast rate and each video is only a few minutes long, which is great if you find yourself saying, "Just one more, OK? Then we're all done."

3 /26: ToyBoxCollectibles

3/26 :ToyBoxCollectibles

Fans of her wildly popular gaming channel will recognize veteran YouTuber iHasCupquake of Minecraft vlogging fame right away. She and her husband and occasionally her friend Hannah cheerfully unbox and review all kinds of toys and collectibles that older kids will find appealing, like Nintendo blind bags and tokidoki toys.

4 /26: FunToyzCollector

4/26 :FunToyzCollector

FunToyzCollector is the surprise-egg unboxing channel, with "that lady" on it. You know the one we're talking about: that lady with her colorful nails and her soothing voice and her strange hold over toddlers. Formerly known as DC Collector, some buzzkill ex-neighbors of her outed her as a former adult actress, but a quick look at the videos she's famous for now will tell anyone with a brain that it's inconsequential.

5 /26: Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs

5/26 :Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs

This channel follows the pretty standard concept of unwrapping "surprise eggs" to reveal everything from dolls to stickers. If your kiddo is particularly fixated on a character or show like Hello Kitty or Paw Patrol, the channel is helpfully divided up in kind.

6 /26: SurpriseToys

6/26 :SurpriseToys

SurpriseToys is where you want to stop if you need to, say, shower or use the bathroom for an extended period of time. These videos are on the longer side and showcase — you guessed it — toy surprise eggs, unwrapped with painstaking care so kids can savor the experience.

7/26 :FluffyJetToys

With views in the billions, FluffyJetToys is definitely doing something right. It could be just the sheer variety of the channel; they unwrap eggs with everything from Peppa Pig swag to Star Wars goodies inside.

8 /26: pstoyreviews

8/26 :pstoyreviews

This channel is great for older kids and tweens. If you've got a kid who can't get enough of Shopkins, those little rubbery collectibles that are made up of smiling daikon radishes and winking espadrilles, this one's for you. The hosts collect and open all kinds of toys, but their Shopkins reveals are among the most popular.

9 /26: Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan

9/26 :Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan

Here's another channel that's great for the younger crowd. And as the name suggests, if the siren call of Sir Topham Hatt or Tow Mater has reached your child's ears, they'll be riveted.

10 /26: CookieSwirlC

10/26 :CookieSwirlC

Another channel that focuses largely on older kids, CookieSwirlC doesn't just feature the unboxing of tween favorites like Lalaloopsy and My Little Pony. The hosts go on to play with the playsets, dolls and Play-Doh molds for a slightly more interactive experience.

11 /26: Toys Unlimited

11/26 :Toys Unlimited

Older kids will go for Toys Unlimited with friendly cohosts Nat and Ecy, who open, review and play with toys with a wide variety of appeal. The two are registered nurses, and the many LEGO, Star Wars, Monster High and Minecraft toys that they reveal are donated to schools, pediatric wards and charities worldwide.

12 /26: BubblePOP Kids

12/26 :BubblePOP Kids

BubblePOP Kids has a frenetic turnover rate and often posts multiple videos a day. Kids enjoy gawking at everything from Orbeez to the host's vast collection of lip gloss, making this one a surefire winner among the 6- to 10-year-old set.

13 /26: Fizzy Toy Show

13/26 :Fizzy Toy Show

Fizzy Toy Show is a family affair and features elaborate sets, gigantic surprise eggs and guest appearances from an adorable toddler and the occasional family pet.

14 /26: My Kawaii Family

14/26 :My Kawaii Family

"Kawaii" means cute in Japanese, which makes this a fitting name for the family who runs the channel. This family of unboxers and reviewers lives in Japan, and a lot of what they haul in is unique and won't be found in the states, like Gudetama eggs and Sanrio goodies. Not to worry, though: the usual Disney, LEGO and Shopkins fare is often featured as well.

15 /26: Dollastic

15/26 :Dollastic

The Dollastic channel is hosted by bubbly Lastic and occasionally her sister Jenny. The two chipper young women have such a genuine enthusiasm for all things Disney and My Little Pony that you'll find it's actually pretty contagious.

16 /26: EvanTubeHD

16/26 :EvanTubeHD

EvanTubeHD is hosted by siblings Evan and Gillian and is more of a full-service kid-friendly channel than a dedicated unboxing YouTube site. He still unboxes and reviews toys, but if kids need a change of pace, there's plenty for them to gawk at.

17 /26: Hailey's Magical Playhouse

17/26 :Hailey's Magical Playhouse

Hailey's Magical Playhouse is another kid-hosted channel, but it's got a special twist going for it. Most of the things unboxed on this channel are huge. How huge? Typically, they're bigger than Hailey herself. Also, according to the channel's "about" page, most of the toys opened in these videos are donated afterwards, which is really nice.

18 /26: mymillionTV

18/26 :mymillionTV

This channel is another one of the more popular ones for the younger set. It doesn't have the massive playlists that other channels have, but it does have millions upon millions of views, so they must be doing something right.

19 /26: Pimimpa

19/26 :Pimimpa

With almost 100,000 subscribers and views well up into eight-digit territory, Pimimpa sticks to what works: unboxing the ever-popular surprise eggs and mystery packs that keep kids mesmerized. She's also got everything from Angry Birds to Frozen on offer, so kids in the younger age range will love the channel.

20 /26: The Kids Club

20/26 :The Kids Club

The popularity of The Kids Club isn't too hard to identify. It's usually hosted by either Elsa or Anna and Superman together, which means that kids get two of their most favorite things in the world: unidentified toys unwrapped slowly and costume characters they're obsessed with. If they decide to stick around, there's a ton more than unboxing on the channel, including songs, games and nursery rhymes.

21 /26: Lucky Penny Shop

21/26 :Lucky Penny Shop

A family-friendly and obscenely popular channel, Lucky Penny Shop unboxes and showcases everything from Play-Doh sets to Happy Meal toys. It also features a wide range of ages, so if you've got a teen who's equally mesmerized by unboxing, they'll likely find something of interest here as well.

22 /26: Surprise Eggs unboxing toys

22/26 :Surprise Eggs unboxing toys

With thousands of videos and millions of views, Surprise Eggs is arguably one of the most popular toy reveal channels on YouTube. They also create other fun content, like clay stop-motion videos for kids to enjoy.

23 /26: Disney Cars Toy Club

23/26 :Disney Cars Toy Club

The main draw for this hugely popular channel is definitely the hosts. They're friendly, talkative and informative, so you can feel a little less weird about how mesmerized your kids seem to be. 

24 /26: DisneyCarToys

24/26 :DisneyCarToys

After a while, it can seem like if you've seen one "special Disney super-surprise egg toy unboxing" channel you've seen them all. The hosts of DisneyCarToys at least mix it up by letting Spiderman host once in a while, so if you've got an aspiring superhero who can't get enough of these types of videos, this one's definitely going to be up their alley. 

25 /26: Blu Toys Surprise Brinquedos & Juegos

25/26 :Blu Toys Surprise Brinquedos & Juegos

This is definitely one that your littlest ones will inexplicably adore. The hosts of Blu Toys Surprise unbox a lot of the usual stuff, including Shopkins and Kinder Surprise eggs with Disney paraphernalia inside.

26/26 :Open the box

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