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25 YouTube toy unboxing channels kids just can’t stop watching

What is it with kids and those unboxing videos on YouTube? Anyone with a toddler who stares mesmerized at the disembodied hands as they unwrap eggs and reveal the mysterious wonders within can tell you that the appeal is a powerful one. Parents react with everything from dismay to bemusement when their own children get sucked into them, but in all honesty, there’s a simple reason that kids like this stuff: Because we do.

Not Bubble Guppy erasers dumped out of Kinder eggs over the friendly soundtrack of a soothing voice, of course; but unboxing remains a popular genre because it gives us a chance to experience something we might not otherwise be able to. If you can’t afford the newest iPhone, watching someone else unbox it is peculiarly satisfying, and kids feel something similar.

At any rate, be glad: Next time your kid asks for the newest plastic detritus, you can always tune them in to someone unboxing it instead. They might just get it out of their system.

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