25 hysterical notes kids were caught passing in school

by Megan Zander
Mar 12, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. ET

As a student, getting caught passing a note in school was one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you. But having to read these notes as a teacher can be just as cringe-worthy. These funny notes kids were caught passing in school prove that students these days may be super tech savvy, but texting can’t beat old-fashioned paper and pen.

1 /26: Rickrolled

1/26 :Rickrolled

Do you think getting caught so they could rickroll the teacher was the plan all along?

2 /26: This crush is elementary

2/26 :This crush is elementary

This student deserves extra credit way more than detention.

3 /26: Dear Teacher...

3/26 :Dear Teacher...

This student appeals to their teacher’s inner middle-schooler and sense of romance in a passionate request for a seat change.

4 /26: They wanted to get caught

4/26 :They wanted to get caught

Looks like trolls aren’t just on the Internet.

5 /26: Your worst fear

5/26 :Your worst fear

When everyone knows about your recent breakup — even your students.

6 /26: So much red pen

6/26 :So much red pen

This is what happens when your English teacher catches you passing notes in class.

7 /26: Fifth grade fantasy

7/26 :Fifth grade fantasy

It’s sweet and scary at the same time.

8 /26: This time's the charm

8/26 :This time's the charm

Apparently you’re never too young for an on-again, off-again relationship.

9 /26: How's my hair?

9/26 :How's my hair?

They may be failing the class, but at least their hair looks good.

10 /26: Copycat

10/26 :Copycat

Don’t these kids know that imitation is the highest form of flattery?

11 /26: Sticky hickey

11/26 :Sticky hickey

Wonder where one purchases a pack of hickey stickers?

12 /26: Just because

12/26 :Just because

Love doesn’t need a reason.

13 /26: What a spud

13/26 :What a spud

In their defense, it’s a gorgeous potato.

14 /26: Let's do brunch

14/26 :Let's do brunch

If someone’s willing to share their food, it means they really care, right?

15/26 :Puppy love

So many feels.

16 /26: Breaking news

16/26 :Breaking news

This is always pretty noteworthy news.

17 /26: Not a simple answer

17/26 :Not a simple answer

If only every young child could have this one’s wisdom when asked if they want to be in relationship.

18 /26: A bit too personal

18/26 :A bit too personal

File this under questions only your urologist should ask.

19 /26: Note to self

19/26 :Note to self

Everyone can use a little self-inspiration, even third graders.

20 /26: Pick me a winner

20/26 :Pick me a winner

This note was titled “School Escape Plan.” There’s no way that’s going to work.

21 /26: Booty note

21/26 :Booty note

This kid’s been listening to too much Sir Mix-a-Lot.

22 /26: Be mine, not Bradley's

22/26 :Be mine, not Bradley's

They’re barely old enough to know what a triangle is, let alone a love triangle.

23 /26: Oh, burn

23/26 :Oh, burn

Who knew "your mom" jokes were still a thing?

24 /26: Wait for it

24/26 :Wait for it

It's a great poem, but the ending needs work.

25 /26: Go Mom

25/26 :Go Mom

It's not just teachers who can catch kids passing notes they shouldn't. Don’t know what made this cookie so special, but it probably wasn’t cinnamon.

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