Print These 17 Craft Templates for Kids for Hours & Hours of Fun

Apr 11, 2018 at 5:40 p.m. ET
Craft templates for kids
Image: Milan_Jovic/Getty Images

"I'm bored!" 

They're the two words kids say that every parent dreads. OK, they're not the only two, but the moment they're uttered, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task keeping them entertained. Instead of leaving them to their tablets or the TV, this is the perfect opportunity to create long-lasting — and in this case tangible —memories.

How, you ask?

Pull out the coloring pencils, crayons and markers, and give the kids free reign to scribble their hearts away. And luckily for you, we have plenty of printable craft templates on hand to help kids embrace their artistic talents and let their imaginations run wild.

So plug in that printer, slide in some paper and — voilà! — suddenly those kids have access to hours upon hours of artsy family fun. And, hey, if you have other arts-and-crafts supplies lying around, turn these pages into a mixed-media art project. The possibilities are truly endless.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2014.

1 /17: The First Frame of Many...

Craft template frame
Image: SheKnows

1/17 :The First Frame of Many...

2 /17: Picture Frame

Craft template frame
Image: SheKnows

2/17 :Picture Frame

3 /17: Royal Picture Frame

Craft template frame
Image: SheKnows

3/17 :Royal Picture Frame

4 /17: Pretty Picture Frame

Craft template frame
Image: SheKnows

4/17 :Pretty Picture Frame

5 /17: Regal Picture Frame

Craft template frame
Image: SheKnows

5/17 :Regal Picture Frame

6 /17: Fancy Picture Frame

Craft template frame
Image: SheKnows

6/17 :Fancy Picture Frame

7 /17: Abstract Design

Craft template design fidget spinner
Image: SheKnows

7/17 :Abstract Design

8 /17: Leafy Pattern

Craft template design
Image: SheKnows

8/17 :Leafy Pattern

9 /17: Maple Leaf

Craft template design leaf
Image: SheKnows

9/17 :Maple Leaf

10 /17: Hearts

Craft template design hearts
Image: SheKnows

10/17 :Hearts

11 /17: Postage Stamps

Craft template design stamps
Image: SheKnows

11/17 :Postage Stamps

12 /17: 4-Leaf Clover

Craft template design four-leaf clover
Image: SheKnows

12/17 :4-Leaf Clover

13 /17: Ladybugs

Craft template design ladybugs
Image: SheKnows

13/17 :Ladybugs

14 /17: Sunburst

Craft template design sunburst
Image: SheKnows

14/17 :Sunburst

15 /17: Crown

Craft template design crown
Image: SheKnows

15/17 :Crown

16 /17: Candles

Craft template design candles
Image: SheKnows

16/17 :Candles

17 /17: Sheriff Badge

Craft template design sheriff badge
Image: SheKnows

17/17 :Sheriff Badge