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Inside the wacky world of Minecraft YouTubers: Who your kids are watching

Minecraft is an excellent game for kids. Even the people who tut-tut the integral nature of technology to kids’ lives can’t deny that Minecraft can be seriously beneficial: It’s a great way to learn spatial reasoning and math, and rather than being a passive form of entertainment, kids have to be pretty checked in, imagination-wise, to get something out of it.

Plus, if you happen to have a Minecraft-obsessed child of your own, you already understand how absolutely bonkers kids can get over it. That will typically lead to them soaking up every bit of information they can find from every source they can get their hands on: chapter book series, manuals and handbooks (unofficial or otherwise) and, of course, YouTube channels that cater to all things blocky. 

YouTube is a great resource, but its audience spans every age, which means that not every vlogger is going to be catering to the under-12 demographic. If you’re looking for kid-friendly Minecraft vloggers, we’ve got a handy list of 25 right here.

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