Inside the wacky world of Minecraft YouTubers: Who your kids are watching

by Theresa Edwards
Mar 1, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Minecraft is an excellent game for kids. Even the people who tut-tut the integral nature of technology to kids' lives can't deny that Minecraft can be seriously beneficial: It's a great way to learn spatial reasoning and math, and rather than being a passive form of entertainment, kids have to be pretty checked in, imagination-wise, to get something out of it.

Plus, if you happen to have a Minecraft-obsessed child of your own, you already understand how absolutely bonkers kids can get over it. That will typically lead to them soaking up every bit of information they can find from every source they can get their hands on: chapter book series, manuals and handbooks (unofficial or otherwise) and, of course, YouTube channels that cater to all things blocky. 

YouTube is a great resource, but its audience spans every age, which means that not every vlogger is going to be catering to the under-12 demographic. If you're looking for kid-friendly Minecraft vloggers, we've got a handy list of 25 right here.

1 /26: Stampy Cat

1/26 :Stampy Cat

Stampy Cat — AKA Stampy Longhead — is a big British cat who is funny and fun to watch on his exploratory walkthroughs and "Let's Play" videos. A word of warning, though: Before he garnered a larger younger audience, he did occasionally swear and publish videos of games not meant for the preteen set. It's best to stick to his recent videos and limit younger kids to just those newer uploads.

The YouTuber has become so popular he even has a book for kids: Stampy's Lovely Book, which includes games, a "cake bake" and more Minecraft.

2 /26: paulsoaresjr

2/26 :paulsoaresjr

Paul Soares Jr., aka The Minecraft Dad, is probably one of the best-known kid-friendly YouTubers with a Minecraft channel. He's a dad himself, and if you have a little one just getting into the game, his "Survive & Thrive" series of tutorials can't be missed. He hasn't put out too many Minecraft videos lately, focusing instead on other kid-friendly titles like Slime Rancher and LEGO Worlds, but his stuff holds up really well.

3 /26: iHasCupquake

3/26 :iHasCupquake

Cupquake is awesome! She's friendly and sweet without being saccharine or "babyish," and her Minecraft stuff is great for kids who love to mess around with mods. She also does a fair bit of geeky crafting, and most projects are simple enough for kids to get into. Cupquake does plays a wide variety of games and reaches a varied audience, so skim through her non-Minecraft videos before you give the OK; not all of the games she plays are meant for a younger audience.

On that note, she also says "crap" and "Oh God," so if that doesn't pass your kid-friendly test you might want to try someone else.

4/26 :Etho

Etho doesn't swear and has a ton of "Let's Play" content, and he's great for kids who already know the basics of the game. He also does a fair bit of tutorials and cool invention builds in a pretty straightforward, no-nonsense (but still very friendly) kind of way. Very cool.

5 /26: TheDiamondMinecart

5/26 :TheDiamondMinecart

Dan, the blue-haired dude behind The Diamond Minecart, is very good at what he does. His videos are just the right length, he keeps it clean and there's nothing awkward or stilted in the delivery of his commentary, which all means one very important thing: You might just be able to stand watching him with your kid. 

6 /26: amylee33

6/26 :amylee33

Amy Lee's videos of mods and custom maps are where you want to head if you've got a Minecraft fanatic on your hands who prefers their adventures to be as pretty, frilly and sweet as possible. She's got some wonderful My Little Pony mod walkthroughs for any kid who's a fan of Equestria and its inhabitants.

7 /26: Sqaishey Quack

7/26 :Sqaishey Quack

Sqaishey is perfect for the littlest Minecraft fans, a cheerful, imaginative duck who is 100 percent squeaky clean and not at all obnoxious to listen to. 

8 /26: LittleLizardGaming

8/26 :LittleLizardGaming

All of LLG's videos are perfectly kid-friendly — and they're fun to boot, with mods like "Minecraft School" and "How to Train Your Dragon." As an added bonus, when you visit LittleLizardGaming's page, you'll see "The Little Club" under the page's recent uploads, all with similarly kid-friendly viewings on offer.

9 /26: Thinknoodles

9/26 :Thinknoodles

Kids love Thinknoodles for lots of reasons, but arguably some of his most popular content is his Minecraft roleplay videos, dreamed up in "Think's Lab," that add a storytelling element to regular play.

10 /26: iBallisticSquid

10/26 :iBallisticSquid

Like Stampy, iBallisticSquid is a friendly Brit whose videos will be well-loved by all ages, and the two regularly feature in each other's videos. He's got some really cool "Pixelmon" videos that take place in the Pokémon mod, so if you've got a fan of both on your hands those aren't to be missed.

11 /26: PrestonPlayz

11/26 :PrestonPlayz

A younger vlogger, PrestonPlayz makes videos that are an all-around upbeat and fascinating experience, but better for kids who know a little bit more about what they're doing. Definitely worth checking out are his parkour maps, which are among his most popular videos.

12 /26: Aphmau

12/26 :Aphmau

Aphmau (whose real name is Jess) is a Minecraft roleplayer whose Minecraft Diaries stories have a huge following, especially in the tween set. Although she uses Minecraft, this channel is not about game play itself. The mother of two uses Minecraft to animate stories she writes, and while they're pretty clean, there's a love story undercurrent. 

13 /26: Spacetime Adventure

13/26 :Spacetime Adventure

Spacetime Adventure isn't yet as popular as some of the other channels, but it was created by two parents who are well aware of how frustrating it can be to try to find kid-friendly YouTube content, so you can rest easy knowing that their videos will keep it clean and fun.

14 /26: stacyplays

14/26 :stacyplays

Stacy makes a huge effort to keep her channel completely clean, and that includes scrubbing the comments of nasty stuff, too. Besides that, though, her "Dogcraft" Minecraft mod videos are super-appealing to kids — and totally adorable as well.

15 /26: SuperKevinCraft

15/26 :SuperKevinCraft

SuperKevinCraft is actually a family affair and features the Jones siblings, Kevin, Josh and Christine, ranging in age from 8 to 19 years old. Really, what better way to have a kid-friendly environment than to have kids at the helm? They don't post as regularly as they used to, but there is still plenty of content left over from Josh's Tuesday Minecraft Creative series. He's the 8-year-old, so you can rest assured that your kids are watching appropriate stuff.

16 /26: Netty Plays

16/26 :Netty Plays

Netty Plays is a lovely channel: Not too long ago, Netty was herself a beginner, so if you start from the beginning of her "The World With No Name" series on Minecraft, kids will enjoy learning along with her.

17 /26: Minecraft Universe

17/26 :Minecraft Universe

There are tons of content for a mini Minecraft lover on Minecraft Universe's channel, including tutorials, walkthroughs and fun factoids about the game, but kids will especially enjoy his original songs and music videos done in the Minecraft world. 

18 /26: Joshua Mutter

18/26 :Joshua Mutter

For slightly older kids, Joshua Mutter's full-length Minecraft movie Minecraftian (and its subsequent series Steve of Minecraftia) will be a surefire hit.

19 /26: Ali-A

19/26 :Ali-A

Ali-A is suitable for the 8-10 set and has a friendly, accessible manner about him when he plays. Just make sure that you stick to his MoreAliA channel, as his main channel is set aside for more mature games and a very different audience. 

20/26 :PopularMMOs

The guy behind PopularMMOs, Pat, has been at this for quite a while, which accounts for his massive following. Of course, they come for the quality (and the awesome mods) as well, and he's got plenty of those. Sometimes he plays with his wife Jen.

21 /26: Gaming With Jen

21/26 :Gaming With Jen

This is Jen of "Pat and Jen" on the aforementioned channel, aka Mrs. PopularMMOs (or would that be Mr. GamingWithJen?). She's got plenty of skill and girl power to go along, which can help aspiring girl gamers feel welcome in the community. Check out the playlist she's dedicated to maps; you and your kids won't be sorry.

22 /26: The Atlantic Craft

22/26 :The Atlantic Craft

Intermediate to super-serious aspiring Minecraft gamers will appreciate that the guys behind The Atlantic Craft don't sacrifice some of the more challenging technical aspects of Minecraft for kid-friendly accessibility. 

23 /26: CaptainSparklez

23/26 :CaptainSparklez

CaptainSparklez is where you'll want to direct any child who just cannot soak up enough information about Minecraft. He's got all kinds of cool tutorials and some pretty funny parody music videos. You want to just stick to Minecraft though. Like some of the other vloggers on this list, the kid-friendly stuff is just part of what he does; he has a wide range of content and not all of it caters to or is meant for kids.

24 /26: BajanCanadian

24/26 :BajanCanadian

BajanCanadian is really not for younger kids and is better suited for the teen set. He's mostly pretty mellow and he has a lot of great, friendly chatter running over his videos, but some of the older stuff (including the Minecraft stuff) has some slightly more mature humor that you might not want to try to explain to a kid that's too young to understand.

25 /26: Bonus:

25/26 :Bonus:

OK, so this one is not a vlogger and it isn't on YouTube. Instead, Kid Friendly Minecraft Videos is a website that's aggregated the squeakiest of the clean for kids: no profanity, no adult humor. Just a big pile of videos — many by the vloggers listed here — that your kids can watch online with no danger of a wandering click bringing them to a walkthrough of a hyperviolent first-person shooter or the like.

Ultimately, though, there's no getting around the fact that if you want to know whether or not a vlogger is appropriate for your kid, you need to watch the videos yourself. Some parents will be OK with "crap" or "damn," while some would prefer a slightly more buttoned-up approach. The only way to know for sure what your kid is watching is to make sure you watch it too.

26/26 :Mining Minecraft

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