40 Kid Spelling Errors That Will Make You L-O-L

by Megan Zander
Jul 11, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET
Image: JPM/Getty Images

Learning to spell is hard, but most kids are willing to give it the old college try. The only way to learn something new is to put yourself out there and fail, right? And sometimes spelling fails turn out to be really funny.

Most of these innocent spelling errors, well, they're not so innocent — but they are totally hilarious.

Originally published July 2016. Updated July 2017.

1 /40: Try not to laugh

1/40 :Try not to laugh

It’s not a real word, but it probably should be.

2 /40: Fun fact about Dumbo

2/40 :Fun fact about Dumbo

Someone teach this kid how to spell "peanuts" — stat.

3 /40: The 'h' makes a big difference

3/40 :The 'h' makes a big difference

Nope, there’s no silent "h" in wore.

4 /40: Makes perfect cents

4/40 :Makes perfect cents

This isn’t what you want to see in math class, but on the other hand, it’s perfect for biology.

5 /40: You don't really mean that

5/40 :You don't really mean that

This may be one of the few times a parent is happy to learn that their child’s life goal is to be a rapper.

6 /40: R is for Really important

6/40 :R is for Really important

Should have saved some of that coloring-inside-the-lines focus for copying the word correctly.

7 /40: There were probably booms too

7/40 :There were probably booms too

At least they spelled Pearl Harbor right.

8/40 :Well...

We think this one is spelled l-a-p.

9 /40: He meant 'couch'

9/40 :He meant 'couch'

One misspelling is all that stands between you and a meeting with the school social worker.

10 /40: Forever misspelled

10/40 :Forever misspelled

A childhood lisp plus sounding out your name is how "Robin" becomes "Wobin."

11 /40: Oh, boy

11/40 :Oh, boy

Let’s hope they learn how to spell "presents" before writing out their birthday thank you notes.

12 /40: A lot to be thankful for

12/40 :A lot to be thankful for

Next time you want to spell "parents," kid, just write Mom and Dad.

13 /40: Camping fun

13/40 :Camping fun

This is not how you spell "tent."

14 /40: Smelly skunk

14/40 :Smelly skunk

At least the drawing of the skunk was a success.

15 /40: Phonics fail

15/40 :Phonics fail

Mistakes that happen when you try to sound out "chalk."

16 /40: Say what?

16/40 :Say what?

You’d think spelling "few" would be easy, but apparently you’d be wrong.

17/40 :Aloha

Either they misspelled "Hawaii," or it’s an imaginary land only they know of.

18 /40: A big mistake

18/40 :A big mistake

Nope, not at all how "cake" is spelled.

19 /40: I heart nuts

19/40 :I heart nuts

This child meant to write that they loved hearts, but maybe their stomach took control of the pen.

20 /40: Not so random

20/40 :Not so random

When random letters form a not-so-random word.

21 /40: Let's ride bikes

21/40 :Let's ride bikes

Awful mistakes can happen when you write your "b" backwards.

22 /40: 'Tis the season for misspellings

22/40 :'Tis the season for misspellings

Not even remotely close to how "Christmas" is spelled, but it looks like they were close to nailing "Noel."

23 /40: Watch out for that silent 'w'

23/40 :Watch out for that silent 'w'

This is why you should never use plastic wrap to trap your sibling in their bed.

24 /40: Family first

24/40 :Family first

Love is patient, love is... kind?

25 /40: Catch me if you can!

25/40 :Catch me if you can!

Can't. You "can't" catch them.

26 /40: Request denied

26/40 :Request denied

At least she's taking a step in the right direction with the ples/pleas.

27 /40: House rules

27/40 :House rules

Rules are not made to be broken.

28 /40: You know nothing, small child

28/40 :You know nothing, small child

So it was "cinnamon," right?

29 /40: Cul-de-sac activities

29/40 :Cul-de-sac activities

Dad, what's the fun of a bike if you're just going to teach your child to rid himself of it?

30 /40: Grammar confusion

30/40 :Grammar confusion

Technically, he didn't have any spelling issues.

31 /40: Getaway vacation

31/40 :Getaway vacation

I thought that was more of a Winter break vacation spot?

32 /40: T is for tee-hee

32/40 :T is for tee-hee

And as the teacher pointed out, it's also for tights.

33 /40: To spell check...

33/40 :To spell check...

And beyond!

34 /40: The latest in 'shirts'

34/40 :The latest in 'shirts'

How the shirt relates to her brothers birthday? We're not sure.

35 /40: Best wishes, Kurt

35/40 :Best wishes, Kurt

One typo and your high-spirited card takes a turn for the angry.

36 /40: Banks these days...

36/40 :Banks these days...

It's like they can't just stick to a normal security question.

37 /40: Chef Dad

37/40 :Chef Dad

We didn't know they made aprons for that.

38 /40: Wait for it...

38/40 :Wait for it...

We're assuming Aila wasn't paying attention because that doesn't rhyme with "fat" or "mat" or... you get it.

39 /40: Nashure = nature

39/40 :Nashure = nature

To give credit where credit's due, everything else makes sense!

40 /40: The iconic American President

40/40 :The iconic American President

Springtime deli sandwiches will never be the same.