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These Free ABC Coloring Pages Will Make Learning the Alphabet Fun for Kids

Whether you’ve got a little learner who’s heading to preschool or kindergarten this year or a tot who’s still at home, hands-on learning is the best kind of learning — especially when it comes to the ABCs. Free printables are available all over the internet that are fun, colorful, and educational for kids — especially these free printable letters, which will help kids get their ABCs down pat.

Educators remind us time and again that parents are a child’s first teacher, and it’s true. While this doesn’t mean you need to go full-on homeschooling, or that you have to devote hours to teaching and coaching your little one on academics, every bit helps. Giving kids the opportunity to practice recognizing and sounding out letters while coloring them in can make them feel more comfortable as they learn to read — and can have positive effects long after they return to school. Plus: Learning letters at home can help instill a love of reading in your child, which we adult bookworms know is a gift they can enjoy for the rest of their life.

And as a bonus, these easy-peasy printable letters are a great way to keep kids entertained when you need a few minutes to yourself. We’ve put together basic printables for the whole alphabet, plus an extra set of more detailed ABC coloring sheets. (Psst … don’t underestimate the therapeutic properties of coloring for grownups too!) Print them out — go ahead and add some of these springy coloring pages to your queue while you’re at it — grab some washable markers or crayons, and prepare for an afternoon of learning fun!

A version of this story was originally published in April 2017.

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