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Photos offer incredible look at what moms around the world pack in their ‘birth bags’

We’ve all seen the “what to take to the hospital” checklists that populate popular baby books or baby-centered corners of the Internet. Women take all kinds of things into consideration when they pack their “go bag” — what will be comfortable, what would be nice to have and what would be necessary. We associate all kinds of things with that all-important trip to the hospital: Comfy undies, a little mascara, a favorite book and an adorable layette are among them.

What we don’t stop to think of is what we might do if we had to pack our own medical supplies or fresh water into our totes, satchels and newly purchased diaper bags. An organization called WaterAid has thought of it, and after you see the images of women preparing to labor across the world that it’s compiled and shared with SheKnows, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it either.

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