25 funny baby onesies that will get giggles

by Megan Zander
Apr 9, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Image: Mike Commins/SheKnows

Having a baby is an amazing experience, but it’s also a hard one. Keeping your sense of humor is a surefire way to maintain your sanity during those first few sleep-deprived months. A funny onesie is a great way to keep your own spirits high while also giving others a good chuckle. You only have a couple years before your child will learn the word No and develop their own sense of fashion, so this is your chance to dress your baby however you want — why not enjoy it? These funny baby onesies are sure to bring a laugh — and who knows, maybe even Baby’s first giggle.

1 /25: Nailed it

1/25 :Nailed it

Sure, you nailed it, but way to take all of the credit from your mother there, Baby. (CafePress, $18)

2 /25: Rocker baby

2/25 :Rocker baby

For the baby who loves to rock out to the ABCs. (Kidtude, $17)

3 /25: If you can't say something nice...

3/25 :If you can't say something nice...

This no advice needed onesie will stop nosy strangers and overbearing grandmas in their tracks. (CafePress, $21)

4 /25: Party with the stuffed animals

4/25 :Party with the stuffed animals

Remember when being awake at 3 a.m. meant you were having an epic night instead of an exhausting one? (CafePress, $18)

5 /25: Game on!

5/25 :Game on!

For the gamer couple who’s forming their very own World of Warcraft guild, one baby at a time. (CafePress, $18)

6 /25: This is how I roll

6/25 :This is how I roll

Though chances are good that if they’re in the stroller right after a snack your baby will, in fact, be riding dirty. (CafePress, $18)

7 /25: Baby's first throwback

7/25 :Baby's first throwback

They remember it like it was just last week, because it was. (CafePress, $18)

8/25 :It wasn't me

Because twins always have both an accomplice and a scapegoat. (Uniquely Funny Shirts/Etsy, $20)

9 /25: Diaper loading

9/25 :Diaper loading

You can’t wait for your computer to load, but a loaded diaper is a completely different story. (CafePress, $18)

10 /25: But not in the basement

10/25 :But not in the basement

Because living with your parents is very different at 4 months than at 40. (CafePress, $18)

11 /25: <em>Dirty Dancing</em>

11/25 :<em>Dirty Dancing</em>

Just don’t lift the baby over your head right after a feeding. (Swagabyebaby/Etsy, $16)

12 /25: Get outta here!

12/25 :Get outta here!

By the time you’re 40 weeks pregnant, all you want is for them to vacate the premises. (CafePress, $18)

13 /25: Can you dig it

13/25 :Can you dig it

There’s no way to read this onesie without getting the song stuck in your head. (CafePress, $18)

14/25 :Snuggle up

Baby snuggles are the best. (ModernOliveStudio/Etsy, $16)

15 /25: Yoga baby

15/25 :Yoga baby

No wonder babies are so flexible: They're constantly doing yoga! (CafePress, $18)

16 /25: Shaved eyebrow optional

16/25 :Shaved eyebrow optional

This onesie is anything but vanilla. (CafePress, $18)

17/25 :A cute baby

Finally, a math problem everyone can understand! (Mainely Baby Boutique/Etsy, $15)

18 /25: Science fun

18/25 :Science fun

Because science nerds are cute too. (CafePress, $18)

19 /25: Deliver by 12/31

19/25 :Deliver by 12/31

Doing your taxes is never fun, but this onesie is. (CafePress, $18)

20 /25: NKOTB

20/25 :NKOTB

For the baby who’s hanging tough with all the right stuff. (Pressin/Etsy, $11)

21 /25: Totes cute

21/25 :Totes cute

This adorable goat onesie will get all the Facebook likes. (CafePress, $18)

22 /25: Tiny terror

22/25 :Tiny terror

How does something so small make such a big mess? (CafePress, $18)

23 /25: Future English professor

23/25 :Future English professor

For the parent who can’t wait to teach their child the difference between there, they’re and their. (CafePress, $22)

24 /25: Flawless

24/25 :Flawless

Because babies never need a filter on their photos. (BaffleGear/Etsy, $15)

25 /25: Mommy needs to recharge

25/25 :Mommy needs to recharge

This onesie sums up life with an infant perfectly. (CafePress, $18)