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Think Disney princesses are bad for our daughters? About that …

Kids may love Disney princess movies, but there’s a growing backlash against all things glittery. So should we parents feel bad about letting our kids watch these films until the whole family can sing every word of every song? Maybe not.

A new study out of Brigham Young University claims that the more interaction kids have with the princesses, the more likely they are to show female gender-stereotypical behavior. This new slam on princess culture comes on the heels of a linguistic study of Disney movies earlier this year that found that most Disney princesses are outspoken by male characters in their films, and it has prompted parents to yet again wonder if encouraging a child who loves princesses will serve them well as an adult.

But as a stroll down the toy aisle will easily confirm, the Disney princesses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even if your kids aren’t watching the films at home, they’re sure to hear about them on the playground or in preschool.

But consider this: Whether it’s politicians or Disney princesses, it’s not how much you speak but the things you say when you do that matter.

There are plenty of positive messages in Disney films, and parents can use them as useful talking points when speaking to their sons and daughters about issues of gender equality and kindness. Take a look:

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