These Celeb Moms Gave Birth After 40

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding pregnancy, and you’ve probably heard all of them. Don’t eat sweets. Don’t exercise, and for the love God, stay away from coffee. But one of the biggest myths is that mid-life pregnancies — you know, like all those celebs getting pregnant after age 40 (gasp!) — are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. But that just isn’t true. While yes, there are added risks — according to the March of Dimes, being pregnant after age 35 makes certain complications more likely — the truth is that later-in-life pregnancies are really no big deal. Plenty of parents are conceiving well into their fourth decade, their fifth decade and beyond — and those healthy, happy kids are pretty lucky to have parents who have careers, experience and their shit together in general.

The fabulous celebrities ahead are proof positive that you can be smart, chic, pregnant and over 40 all at once. Yep, it’s true. So the next time some relative of yours starts blathering on with unwanted advice about your biological clock or “advanced maternal age,” take heart — and remind them how well it all worked out for Janet Jackson.

Originally published January 2016. Updated May 2019.