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11 Free things people give kids that drive moms up the wall

The bank teller with the basket of lollipops. The receptionist with the roll of sparkly stickers. For many parents, when a stranger offers your child a small free gift, you see your little one’s eyes light up with joy, while you’re desperately trying not to roll your own.

No one wants to be the parent that says, “No thanks,” when your child is offered a freebie, but these seemingly innocuous little free gifts have giant strings attached for the parents.

We all know it’s the thought that counts, and when someone gives your child a small token, they’re just trying to do something nice. But instead of brightening your day, these free trinkets and snacks can make an afternoon running errands even more of a drag. Here are 11 “freebies” moms absolutely do not want you giving to their kids.

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