22 Heart-themed Kids' Crafts for Valentine's Day

by Jana Randall
Feb 8, 2017 at 3:00 a.m. ET

One of the best things about Valentine's Day: it's the perfect excuse to do up some over-the-top cute crafts.

We've rounded up some of our favorites — and they aren't just for tiny kids, either. Even teenagers will have fun with these valentine projects.

Updated on 2/8/17

1 /23: Heart piñatas

1/23 :Heart piñatas

These piñatas look a lot harder to create than they are. Heart-shaped boxes filled with candy and covered with tissue paper, these are cute for a party or decoration piece.

2 /23: Sweet straws

2/23 :Sweet straws

This is a great craft to make and use on Valentine's Day. You can purchase red-and-white straws at a craft store, and print these simple, heart-shaped templates on Papermash. Then you can embellish them with stickers and more.

3 /23: Sugar cookie bracelets

3/23 :Sugar cookie bracelets

There is nothing better than a craft you can eat! Create these delectable sugar cookie bracelets, and enjoy a few cookies while you're at it.

4 /23: Hanging hearts bouquet

4/23 :Hanging hearts bouquet

Grab some scrapbook paper, and get cutting. This hanging bouquet will look beautiful in your child's room or hanging above the dining room table.

5 /23: 3-D heart art

5/23 :3-D heart art

A simple craft, this is created using heart cutout paper and raised adhesive dots.

6 /23: Felt hair clips

6/23 :Felt hair clips

Grab a few hair clips and Valentine's-colored felt to make these cutesy little hair clips your child can wear all year long.

7 /23: Paint chip heart garland

7/23 :Paint chip heart garland

One of the more popular heart crafts, this garland is made using paint samples and a heart-shaped punch.

8 /23: Burlap Valentine's heart

8/23 :Burlap Valentine's heart

A craft best suited for older children, this creation is made using burlap, newspaper, foam and a whole lot of glue.

9 /23: DIY Valentine's Day cards

9/23 :DIY Valentine's Day cards

Don't buy your kiddos Valentine's Day cards when they can make their own. Cut out some hearts, and encourage the world of creation.

10 /23: Chevron heart

10/23 :Chevron heart

This is a great craft for older kids, and you can also have younger kids paint the heart after you've stenciled on the design.

11 /23: Heart attack

11/23 :Heart attack

Help your kids send a "heart attack" to someone they love. Cut out various-shaped hearts, and ship them to wherever their hearts desire.

12/23 :Kiss me

Grab some wooden letters and a wooden heart, and let them paint, Mod Podge and craft away.

13 /23: Valentine teacup and saucers

13/23 :Valentine teacup and saucers

Any child who knows how to draw a heart can create these adorable teacups and saucers using a Sharpie marker and a blank canvas.

14 /23: Wired heart art

14/23 :Wired heart art

Cut and shape a wire hanger into a heart, and let the kiddos craft away (with your supervision, of course).

15 /23: The ABCs of love

15/23 :The ABCs of love

You can either print out this ABC template or encourage kids to learn to create their own. And definitely don't forget the candy-shaped chocolate!

16 /23: Heart trees

16/23 :Heart trees

Styrofoam cones aren't just for Christmas anymore. Help your kiddos cut and glue hearts onto a tree for pretty little home decorations.

17 /23: Cupcake-lined hearts

17/23 :Cupcake-lined hearts

Use cupcake liners and heart stickers or create your own for cards or for Valentine's Day ribbons.

18 /23: Butterfly heart wings

18/23 :Butterfly heart wings

Made out of construction paper, these adorable butterflies are fun to make and give.

19/23 :Heart hands

The perfect craft for little ones, these heart hands are something you'll cherish for years to come.

20 /23: Heart stamps

20/23 :Heart stamps

Another craft for toddlers, this is an inexpensive creation using empty toilet paper rolls.

21 /23: Valentine's tic-tac-toe

21/23 :Valentine's tic-tac-toe

A craft that ends in play is the perfect craft for kids!

22 /23: Heart hat

22/23 :Heart hat

Older girls and teens will enjoy making headbands and hats they can wear. You may even want to do one as well, as they are quite fashionable.

23 /23: Hearts Valentine pinnable

23/23 :Hearts Valentine pinnable