23 Candy-free Kids' Valentines That Are Still Sweet

by Megan Zander
Feb 8, 2017 at 3:00 a.m. ET

We haven't even gotten rid of all the Christmas candy yet, and already it's time for Valentine's Day treats! 

If you're looking for some candy-free alternatives to send with your kids to school, these valentines ideas are perfect. They've got all the sentiment of the holiday — without the sugar high.

Originally published February 2016. Updated February 2017.

1 /24: A-mazing valentines

1/24 :A-mazing valentines

A Valentine’s Day-themed pencil plus this free printable maze valentine from Balancing Home makes a Valentine’s Day trinket that’s also a gift for teachers. Kids get to solve the maze while they get to enjoy a few well-deserved minutes of blissful quiet.

2 /24: Cutie valentines

2/24 :Cutie valentines

This cute cutie Valentine’s Day idea from Covered in Mod Podge will give kids a sweet treat as well as a healthy dose of vitamin C.

3 /24: Play-Doh valentines

3/24 :Play-Doh valentines

A small tub of Play-Doh and these printable “Doh you want to be my valentine” cards from The Nerd’s Wife will surely wow your kid’s friends on Valentine’s Day.

4 /24: Clay heart valentines

4/24 :Clay heart valentines

Painted clay hearts will keep your child crafting during cold winter evenings and serve as cute paperweights for friends on Valentine’s Day.

5 /24: 'Have a ball' valentines

5/24 :'Have a ball' valentines

These "Have a ball" valentines from Dixie Delights will have the whole class bouncing in excitement.

6 /24: Seed packet valentines

6/24 :Seed packet valentines

These seed packet valentines offer a fun project for kids to look forward to in spring. (Favor Universe/Etsy, $18 for 25 packets)

7 /24: 'Plane awesome' valentines

7/24 :'Plane awesome' valentines

Some dollar store airplanes make this "plane awesome" Valentine’s Day card from A Little Tipsy easy to assemble and awesome to hand out to friends.

8 /24: Stamp of approval valentines

8/24 :Stamp of approval valentines

Store-bought stamps make this stamp of approval Valentine’s Day card idea from Dukes & Duchesses a fun option for the preschool crowd.

9 /24: Origami hearts valentines

9/24 :Origami hearts valentines

Your child can write their greetings inside these origami heart valentines or attach them to paper for a fun 3-D effect.

10 /24: Friendship bracelet valentines

10/24 :Friendship bracelet valentines

Put those bracelet-making skills your child learned at camp this past summer to good use with this friendship bracelet Valentine’s Day craft kit. With the way their fingers fly, they can easily make a bracelet for everyone in the class. (Oriental Trading, $6 for 12)

11 /24: Lip balm valentines

11/24 :Lip balm valentines

A round EOS lip balm serves as the cherry on this paper sundae valentine printable from Balancing Home. It’s super clever and handy in the cold winter weather. And you can happily put any leftover lip balms to good use yourself!

12 /24: Heartbreaker valentines

12/24 :Heartbreaker valentines

Combine this heartbreaker printable valentine with a bandage, and you’ve got a candy-free Valentine’s Day card that’s both funny and useful. (Ladybird Press/Etsy$4)

13 /24: Heart mouse valentines

13/24 :Heart mouse valentines

Your child’s Valentine’s Day message is sure to make a lasting impression when it’s written in this easy-to-construct heart mouse valentine.

14 /24: Fruit pouch valentines

14/24 :Fruit pouch valentines

This “I like you berry much” printable from The Nerd’s Wife combined with a fruit-filled squeeze pouch makes a sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

15 /24: Sheriff badge valentines

15/24 :Sheriff badge valentines

This free printable from Balancing Home and some plastic sheriff badges are all you need to make these "Stop in the Name of Love" valentines. No, you don’t have to sing the song while you make them, but it’s more fun if you do!

16 /24: Pencil flag valentines

16/24 :Pencil flag valentines

These Valentine’s Day pencil flags from No Time to Be Bored are a quick and easy valentine option for the class, taking mere minutes to execute but look fancy.

17 /24: Paper clip heart bookmarks

17/24 :Paper clip heart bookmarks

These paper clip bookmark valentines look adorable but are easy to make and share with friends.

18 /24: Bubble valentines

18/24 :Bubble valentines

Whether you’re 2 or 92, bubbles are awesome. This free “Your friendship blows me away” printable from The Nerd’s Wife and some bubbles make them easy to assemble and fun to hand out.

19 /24: Apple of my eye valentines

19/24 :Apple of my eye valentines

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it also makes for a really fun valentine. These "apple of my eye" tags from Ginger Snaps Crafts can be used on an apple juice box, container of applesauce or even a good old-fashioned piece of fruit.

20 /24: 'Cars' valentines

20/24 :'Cars' valentines

If your child and their friends can’t get enough of the movie Cars, this Lightning McQueen-themed valentine printable from The Nerd’s Wife is the perfect pick for Valentine’s Day this year. Add a Lightning McQueen sticker or toy car, and you’re off!

21 /24: Mustache bookmark valentines

21/24 :Mustache bookmark valentines

These adorable and useful mustache bookmarks make a great Valentine’s Day trinket kids can use again and again. (Crafts Laugh By ME/Etsy, $6)

22 /24: Heart crayon valentines

22/24 :Heart crayon valentines

Gather up all the broken crayons lying around, and give them new purpose by making these heart-shaped crayon valentines from The Nerd's Wife.

23 /24: Paper tube butterfly valentines

23/24 :Paper tube butterfly valentines

Preschoolers will love making and playing with these paper tube butterfly valentines.

24 /24: Crafty candy-free valentines

24/24 :Crafty candy-free valentines

Love these crafty candy-free valentines ideas? Pin them for later!