51 Classic, Family-Friendly Movies Every Kid Should Watch

Movie theaters are always showing the latest in special effects, but just because a movie is new doesn't mean it's better than those that came before it. 

Films from before the year 2000 might lack sophisticated computer graphics, but they make up for it with engaging storylines and jokes that have stood the test of time.

Plus, many classic, family-friendly films are making a comeback — for a whole new generation of fans. Take, for instance, Mary Poppins: The original film is a whimsical, song-filled musical you can't help but dance to. And this December, Emily Blunt will take on the titular role — originally played by the incredible Julie Andrews — in the remake, Mary Poppins Returns

Here are 50 other must-see classic movies for kids of all ages that are still just as entertaining as the day they hit the big screen years ago.

A version of this article was originally published in December 2015.


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