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7 Things more distracting to a teenage boy than girls’ clothing

According to the supporters of school dress codes, high school boys are the most distractible creatures on the planet.

A bare knee? An exposed clavicle? The sight of these things is enough to permanently close a young man’s brain to the magic of math, or the bliss of biology. (The otherkind of biology.) But it raises the question: If teenage boys are so easily distracted, is it enough to enact a dress code that requires all the girls to come to school in their favorite color of burlap sack every day? There are quite a few other things that are surely just as distracting as girls — maybe it’s time to turn our attention to banning some of these things in school in order to make sure young men can learn in peace.

(Don’t worry about whether the girls are learning. How distracting can it be to be forced into a “shame suit” for the remainder of the school day, or to sit in a locked office instead of being in class while you wait for a parent to bring you a sweater to cover up with?)

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