53 Hilarious Homework Answers From Kids That Are so Wrong, They're Right

by Megan Zander
Jun 6, 2017 at 4:00 a.m. ET

Since the dawn of time, kids have hated homework. And can you blame them? It's a total drag — but there are ways to keep things interesting.

Case in point: These hilarious homework answers. Whether the kids who completed these assignments are dead serious or just pulling their teacher's leg, we can't help but applaud their efforts.

Originally published June 2016. Updated June 2017.  

1 /53: Technically correct

1/53 :Technically correct

But really, they were just following the directions very, very closely.

2 /53: Girl code is sacred

2/53 :Girl code is sacred

This child is a genius, and so is her mother.

3 /53: A for effort

3/53 :A for effort

Even this sad stick figure knows this isn't the best answer.

4 /53: This kid clearly loved 'The Lion King'

4/53 :This kid clearly loved 'The Lion King'

With such a clear setup, it's kind of hard to resist this one... 

5 /53: Animal lover

5/53 :Animal lover

This student is 100 percent correct.

6 /53: Captain obvious

6/53 :Captain obvious

If you're going to try a cheeky answer, at least make sure you spell it correctly.

7 /53: Stickler for details

7/53 :Stickler for details

Probably safe to assume this student will not end up being the teacher's pet.

8 /53: True or false

8/53 :True or false

What takes longer, studying for the exam or practicing how to write "fruse"?

9 /53: Math can solve anything

9/53 :Math can solve anything

Short, sweet and sadly wrong.

10 /53: Not very nice

10/53 :Not very nice

Going to go out on a limb and assume this student isn't in the marching band.

11 /53: Environmentalist in the making

11/53 :Environmentalist in the making

Give the kid an A for knowing at such a young age what so many adults can't seem to comprehend. 

12 /53: Funny, but wrong

12/53 :Funny, but wrong

If they can't hack college, they've got a bright future as a stand-up comedian. 

13 /53: The fierce female form

13/53 :The fierce female form

Failed the biology exam, nailed the tiger drawing.

14 /53: Easier to spot than Waldo

14/53 :Easier to spot than Waldo


15 /53: All the single ladies

15/53 :All the single ladies

You just know that after she graded this paper that teacher had this song stuck in her head for the rest of the night.

16 /53: Good book, bad answer

16/53 :Good book, bad answer

Great book, bad answer.

17 /53: The metric system is tough

17/53 :The metric system is tough

If only conversions really were this simple.

18 /53: Now add the head bob

18/53 :Now add the head bob

Haddaway approves.

19 /53: When less isn't more

19/53 :When less isn't more

It's not technically wrong, but it sure isn't correct either.

20 /53: An expansive answer

20/53 :An expansive answer

Peter's math teacher may not find it funny, but his philosophy teacher would likely approve.

21 /53: This kid's a survivor

21/53 :This kid's a survivor

If the zombies ever attack, this is the kid you want on your team.

22 /53: Confidence is key

22/53 :Confidence is key

It may not be the answer the teacher was looking for, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

23 /53: A hobbit-approved answer

23/53 :A hobbit-approved answer

Gollum would probably find this answer to be precious.

24 /53: Shaping up

24/53 :Shaping up

Be right back, putting Tedison and Cate on the list of potential baby names.

25 /53: Minor clarification

25/53 :Minor clarification

Snow shovels are the new controversial topic.

26 /53: Getting punny

26/53 :Getting punny

A sad day for the birds of science community.

27 /53: You didn't specify which anagram

27/53 :You didn't specify which anagram

I'll explain it when you're older.

28 /53: Literary critic in the making

28/53 :Literary critic in the making

It's great to see a professional's thought processes.

29 /53: An etiquette lesson

29/53 :An etiquette lesson

Rumor has it, they also don't poop or burp.

30 /53: Drawing isn't for everyone

30/53 :Drawing isn't for everyone

A blob is whatever you want it to be.

31 /53: A blast from the past

31/53 :A blast from the past

It doesn't get more accurate than this.

32 /53: The lesser known President Lincoln

32/53 :The lesser known President Lincoln

Four score and seven years ago, our fathers invented sliced deli meat.

33 /53: Celebrity guest appearance

33/53 :Celebrity guest appearance

Kids know the darndest things.

34 /53: The loose change debate

34/53 :The loose change debate

You can't blame her for not wanting to carry around pennies in this day and age.

35 /53: School electives

35/53 :School electives

What happened to taking home ec?

36 /53: Slight spelling mistake

36/53 :Slight spelling mistake

One letter can really change a word.

37 /53: Sunday school blunder

37/53 :Sunday school blunder

The history books depict it a little differently.

38 /53: Celebrity gossip

38/53 :Celebrity gossip

But he hides it so well!

39 /53: Getting philosophical

39/53 :Getting philosophical

The film industry begs to differ.

40 /53: Homework wars

40/53 :Homework wars

It's impossible to avoid spoilers these days...

41 /53: A little too creative

41/53 :A little too creative

Weird questions deserve weird answers.

42 /53: Angry confusion

42/53 :Angry confusion

Bubble letters don't cushion the blow.

43 /53: Homework reveals a lot

43/53 :Homework reveals a lot

Dad probably won't be putting this one on the fridge.

44 /53: Learning more about the public school system

44/53 :Learning more about the public school system

And Mrs. Edwards, too.

45 /53: A+ imagination, D- following directions

45/53 :A+ imagination, D- following directions

With little studying comes great banana car.

46 /53: The dark side of recess

46/53 :The dark side of recess

Some children have different dreams.

47 /53: Empty commands

47/53 :Empty commands

Now if you had said brother...

48 /53: The shape naming game

48/53 :The shape naming game


49 /53: One-upping the teacher

49/53 :One-upping the teacher

Sometimes, answers are better left unsaid.

50 /53: Freudian slip

50/53 :Freudian slip

51 /53: Compliments to the president

51/53 :Compliments to the president

This "Letter to Elected Official" assignment says it all: About your war against terrorism? I like what you did there.

52 /53: Spelling bee fail

52/53 :Spelling bee fail

Apparently, there was more than one "correct" answer.

53 /53: Best answer ever

53/53 :Best answer ever

By referencing the Wounded Warrior Project the student just became the teacher.