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10 Tattoos Parents Got That Were Inspired by Their Kids

If you really love your kids and you really love your ink, then you know where we’re headed with this.

Tattoo inspiration comes from many places, but for these moms and dads, their kids were their beautiful, tiny muses. These beautiful kid-inspired works of art highlight just some of the ways parents choose to honor their little ones.

As tattoos have grown more popular in the past two decades and celebrities like David Beckham have made body art inspired by children’s drawings in vogue, tattoos to honor children have become a thing in the parenting community. And what a beautiful thing it is.

Compared to the possibly big, huge mistake of getting an ex’s name branded on your body forever, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful tattoo inspired by your kid. (And even better news for parents who may have a tattoo or five — tattoos are now officially considered a cultural norm.) If you need further proof, here are a few parents who have figured out how to do family-friendly tattoos right.

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