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17 Nail Art Designs Kids Will Want to Show Off This Upcoming School Year

OK, so be real with us: Who’s the true beauty maven in your house? Is it you, or is it… your mini-me? After all, adults aren’t the only ones who love makeup, hair styling and, of course, showing off a set of freshly painted, colorful nails — even better when they have an eye-catching design. Plenty of kids are on the beauty bandwagon too, and nail art can be one of the most fun (and inoffensive, at least compared to, say, a ton of eyeliner on a 6-year-old) methods of diving into beauty, creativity and self-expression. 

They’ll probably want something fun and bright that features all their favorite colors — or better yet, a design that lets their nails play host to all their favorite characters from books and movies.

From Harry Potter and Star Wars to Marvel and Disney, we’ve rounded up 17 nail art designs kids (and you, TBH) will absolutely freak over — and will want to show off to friends ASAP. So click through with your kid, pick a design, stock up on colors and get to painting. Bonus points for mom-and-me designs — because they’re not going to tolerate matching with mom for long, right?

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