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Gorgeous photos of moms feeding their babies remind us to ‘judge less’

Feeding her baby is the most natural thing a mother can do, yet mothers are often criticized for the way they feed (breast milk vs. formula) or for not covering up enough if they do breastfeed.

Midwest Doulas in St. Paul, Minnesota, is trying to stop the judging with a unique 2016 calendar, Judge Less, Fed is Best, which features black-and-white photographs of moms feeding their babies in a variety of ways. The calendar celebrates the bond built by feeding, without judging how it is done.

How a mother feeds her baby is a choice, and no one should challenge it, Justine Temke of Midwest tells SheKnows. She and her business partner, Staci Caspers, are both certified lactation counselors. “Yes, we agree beast milk is best,” Temke says, “but it’s not the only way, and no one can tell another mom what to do.”

Midwest Doulas partnered with Ashley Rick, a photographer with St. Paul Photo Co., to create the calendar, and proceeds benefit Babies Need Boxes, a nonprofit that provides teen and low-income moms with a box of basic baby supplies, including diapers, wipes and a newborn outfit. The box also includes a waterproof mattress, a sheet and safe sleep literature, giving the new mother a safe place for her baby. 

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