17 Wildly unrealistic photos of moms working from home

by Nicole Fabian-Weber
Nov 6, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. ET

Sure, there are great things about working from home — as there are about working in an office — but one thing is for certain: The photos we see of moms working at home are totally unrealistic. From babies who happily play in the corner all day while Mom toils away on her computer to toddlers sitting on Mom's lap during a conference call, you can rest assured that's not how it really goes. 

Here are 17 ridiculous pictures of moms "working" from home with their kids. If only life were as easy as a stock photo. 

1 /17: Business partners

1/17 :Business partners

"No, ma'am, it's fine. I let my 9-month-old send all of my emails. Except for that time she sent "TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT" to our client in Shanghai, we've never had a problem... No, they didn't renew their contract."

2 /17: "My kids play quietly in the other room" mom

2/17 :"My kids play quietly in the other room" mom

"No, I don't need a babysitter when I'm working from home with my kids. They just quietly draw in the other room while I toil away on my computer, occasionally coming in to show me what they've created. They don't even ask to eat!" Said no work-from-home mom ever. 

3 /17: "I'm sorry, WHAT?!"

3/17 :"I'm sorry, WHAT?!"

"Sorry, Boss, I can't hear you, my baby is screaming in my ear!!! Oh, you want that TPS report?! I think he just ripped it up!"

4/17 :Sad mom

"I used to eat lunch in a break room and talk about last night's Real Housewives episode with other adults around the water cooler. Now I'm perched on a bench as kids sing 'Let It Go' at the top of their lungs. What happened to my life?"

5 /17: The only baby not attracted to computers

5/17 :The only baby not attracted to computers

"The only thing better than working with my baby on my lap? The fact that I just woke up from a comfy couch nap!" 

6 /17: Noisy toys

6/17 :Noisy toys

"You were right, Mom! I totally regret buying all of these G.D. noisy toys. I thought they'd be stimulating, all right?!"

7 /17: Nothing weird here

7/17 :Nothing weird here

"My boss has no idea that I'm naked from the waist down."

8 /17: Business casual

8/17 :Business casual

"Do you think my baby thinks it's weird that I put on a business suit each day even though I work from my kitchen table?"

9 /17: A midday snack

9/17 :A midday snack

"Little Sally has been refusing the breast lately, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with the fact that she's started eating expense reports."

10 /17: Just some background noise

10/17 :Just some background noise

"Mom said we couldn't watch TV, but she never said anything about grabbing each other's throats!"

11 /17: Dumbfounded

11/17 :Dumbfounded

No, this woman isn't stressed out. She's amazed that her child has managed to amuse himself for five hours in an all-white room with no toys. 

12/17 :Huh?

"Wanna know a secret? I'm actually playing Bejeweled Blitz! Wanna know another one? I have no idea who either of these kids is."

13 /17: Poor baby

13/17 :Poor baby

This poor kid has been up for an hour, but her mom has no idea. 

14/17 :Yikes!

This child was just playing with his own feces, but whaddaya gonna do? Gotta get that email out!

15 /17: Danger?

15/17 :Danger?

This daring mom-and-baby duo have added a new layer to their dangerous work-from-home act: Letting baby sit on a desk AND chew on a phone cord.  

16 /17: "Uh... Jennifer?"

16/17 :"Uh... Jennifer?"

"Yes, we do owe our client thousands of dollars! Yes, we do! Yes, we do!!"

17 /17: Somewhat accurate?

17/17 :Somewhat accurate?

This could be one of the few slightly accurate stock photos of what it would be like for Mom to work from home with a baby without any child care. Not pictured? Her boss firing her.