52 Books Every Girl Should Read Before High School

Do you have fond memories of reading as a little girl? Maybe you’d be curled up under a blanket, fighting to keep your eyes open so you could just get to the end of the chapter — no, the sentence. We definitely remember sneaking in pages after bedtime or even during class.

Think back to your own childhood and how important your favorite books — and their strong female characters — were to you. Which ones had the biggest impact? Did you laugh and cry with Little Women? Come of age with Sheila the Great? Enter a world of mystery with Nancy Drew

The books your daughter reads will stay with her forever. She’ll make friends with literary characters, learn empathy for others and discover places she’s never been. 

The 52 books featured in our list of classic and modern-day reads will introduce your Little Woman to an abundance of humor, love, drama and herstory. And, if you missed any of these growing up, now’s your chance to dive into some of the best middle-grade kid-lit ever.

 A version of this article was originally published in November 2015.