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50 Books Every Boy Should Read by Age 15

Long before they can lose themselves in a virtual world on an iPad, school-age boys should become immersed in fabulous and fantastical books. Books inspire a child in a way no electronic device ever can. They become part of who he is and influence his perception of the people and the world around him.

Take the Harry Potter series for example. Every single one of the seven books has plenty of life lessons for the kids to take away — from understanding that it’s OK to make mistakes and how important it is to always pay attention in school (for the HP kids, it was truly a matter of life and death!) to learning to use your voice and stand up to both your enemies and your friends.

From classics like Treasure Island to contemporary faves like Spirit Animals, these 50 books should be on the must-read list of every young reader. Did your childhood favorite make the list?

A version of this article was originally published in November 2015.

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