Origami cupcake DIY for kids is sweet, sweet fun

Cooking with kids can be a lot of fun … and a big headache when it comes to cleaning up. What if you could make a cupcake with your kids that didn’t require turning your kitchen into a disaster zone?

Enter origami cupcakes, aka the kind of dessert every mom can get behind. Crafty mom Stephanie Martyn is an origami master who’s created a ton of mess-free “recipes” for origami crafts kids will love, from cupcakes to butterflies to sea turtles. 

She offered SheKnows a sneak peek at how to make one of the coolest crafts in her new book, 3D Origami Fun!a chocolate cupcake with pink icing and a cherry on top. 

The following is excerpted from 3D Origami Fun!: 25 Fantastic, Foldable Paper Projects by Stephanie Martyn. Copyright © F+W. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. Photography by Stephanie Martyn and Elisabeth Lariviere.