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Amazing photos celebrate conjoined twins’ successful separation

These beautiful Brazilian conjoined twin girls stole hearts across the world in early September when photographer Mateus André captured their story in stunning photographs. They have since been successfully separated, and André was invited back to photograph this gorgeous family once again.

“The parents, Denise Borges Oliveira and Caique Santana Ramos dos Santos, were very happy, and they welcomed me with joy,” André says. “It weren’t for my work, the girls would not be so well known.” He mentions that, as the girls’ family didn’t have a lot of money, they were able to raise more funds after their plight went viral.

He says that the encounter with the babies, Maria Clara and Maria Eduarda, and their parents moved him greatly, and even though he had a difficult journey to reach the family where they are staying (including traveling many miles through less-than-ideal conditions), he says it was all worth making a difference in these parents’ lives.

And it’s made a difference in his life as well. “I really want to continue, and in the near future, to publish a book, teach workshops and have exhibitions,” he shares. He hopes to be able to take photos of more conjoined twins and other families who need hope and support, and he hopes to explore more artistic photography as well. He says Denise and Caique want to encourage other parents who may be going through the same trials they’ve gone through, and they want to inspire confidence in other moms and dads.

It’s hard to see babies going through such a tough time, but it’s incredible to see how far they’ve come — and how the love on their parents’ faces hasn’t changed one bit.

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