16 seriously crazy places women have given birth

Sep 13, 2016 at 10:55 a.m. ET
Pregnant belly
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When it comes to babies, you can have all the birth plans in the world, but when that baby is ready to make his or her entrance, sometimes those plans go right out the window. Here are 15 of the most unusual places women have given birth.

1 /16: On a Navy aircraft carrier

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1/16 :On a Navy aircraft carrier

2 /16: In an Uber car

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2/16 :In an Uber car

3 /16: On an airplane

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3/16 :On an airplane

4 /16: At a strip club

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4/16 :At a strip club

5 /16: In the post office

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5/16 :In the post office

6 /16: At her own wedding

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6/16 :At her own wedding

7 /16: In a tree

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7/16 :In a tree

8 /16: At the zoo

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8/16 :At the zoo

9 /16: On the subway

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9/16 :On the subway

10 /16: Right outside of the hospital

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10/16 :Right outside of the hospital

11 /16: At Walmart

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11/16 :At Walmart

12 /16: In a Dollar General Store

dollar general store
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12/16 :In a Dollar General Store

13 /16: In a helicopter

weird birth places
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13/16 :In a helicopter

14 /16: At the Vatican

places women give birth
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14/16 :At the Vatican

15 /16: Amtrak train

places women give birth
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15/16 :Amtrak train

16 /16: In Sam's Club

places women give birth
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16/16 :In Sam's Club