12 Minions crafts for kids who love Despicable Me

by Theresa Edwards
Sep 25, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. ET

Who could have predicted Minions Mania? Kids and grownups everywhere are totally obsessed with the cute little evildoers. If your kids love the roly-poly Kevin, Dave and Stuart, then they will get a huge kick out of these awesome Minion crafts. 

1 /13: DIY Minion Puppets

1/13 :DIY Minion Puppets

Who doesn't love to put on a puppet show? 

2 /13: Despicable Me DIY Tic Tac Toe

2/13 :Despicable Me DIY Tic Tac Toe


3 /13: DIY Minions Perler Bead Cup Covers

3/13 :DIY Minions Perler Bead Cup Covers

These Minion cup covers are so adorable and a great reason to bring out the Perler beads.

4 /13: DIY Minion Shoes

4/13 :DIY Minion Shoes

These sweet Minion kicks are a great project for older kids.

5 /13: Minion Goggle Hats

5/13 :Minion Goggle Hats

These cute hats are perfect for a last-minute Minion costume.

6 /13: Minion Dave Paper Doll

6/13 :Minion Dave Paper Doll


7 /13: Minion Gift Bag

7/13 :Minion Gift Bag

These Minion gift bags are a great craft to make, even if you don't have a party to attend.

8 /13: Minion Weeble Wobbles

8/13 :Minion Weeble Wobbles

These Minion Weebles are so fun! If you can't get Kinder Surprise, try using plastic eggs.

9 /13: Papier-mâché Tube Minions

9/13 :Papier-mâché Tube Minions

Whether you're prepping a pinata for a party or just going Minion crazy, these are a great way to spend an afternoon.

10 /13: Popsicle Stick Minions

10/13 :Popsicle Stick Minions


11 /13: Minion Slime

11/13 :Minion Slime

Not only is this a fun craft to keep the kids busy, but your kids will love playing with the ooze, t

12 /13: No-Sew Minion Goggles

12/13 :No-Sew Minion Goggles


13 /13: Minions Crafts

13/13 :Minions Crafts