12 Grandparents Day quotes your Nana would print for her fridge

by Julie Evans
Sep 9, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. ET

There truly is no relationship like that between a grandchild and grandparents. While each is unique, there is often a bond that goes deep and a source of love that is limitless. As we prepare to celebrate National Grandparents' Day, Sept. 11, here are 12 quotes that capture the best of that bond.

1/13 :We should all be so lucky


2/13 :Grandchildren change everything


3/13 :The memories will last


4/13 :Generations united


5/13 :Grandparents make the world sparkle


6/13 :There is no place like a grandparent's lap


7/13 :We all need a hand to hold


9/13 :Grandparents are treasures


10/13 :The bond is strong


11/13 :Can't forget the cookies


12/13 :Grandparents Day Quotes 04

What a beatuiful picture they paint. 

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