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10 Sweet Quotes That Celebrate the Love of Grandparents

There truly is no relationship like that between a grandchild and grandparents. While each is unique, there is often a bond that goes deep and a source of love that is limitless. Now more than ever, it’s a bond that deserves to be celebrated. For many people, retired grandparents were the unsung heroes of the pandemic, while for others, the distance that COVID-19 necessitated made us treasure — and miss! — those relationships all the more. So make a note that National Grandparents’ Day is on Sept. 12 this year, and if your child is lucky enough to have loving grandparents in their life, take a moment to honor the relationship on this day above all others.

Gifts are always nice, of course, but time, interest, and acknowledgment are gifts that don’t cost a thing — and are easy for you and your children to give! So plan a visit — or plan a FaceTime call — and have your kids ask their grandparents questions, print out a card, or share one of these sweet quotes on social media (tagging Gram and Gramps, of course!).

The 10 sweet quotes below capture the best of the grandparent-grandchild bond and will help you celebrate National Grandparents’ Day. We think they’re fridge-worthy — and we bet Nana would agree!

A version of this article was originally published in 2016.

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