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Photographer honors conjoined twin girls in beautiful images

Mateus André is a Brazil-based photographer whose gorgeous photos of conjoined twin girls are a sight to behold. Maria Clara Oliveira Santana and Maria Eduarda Oliveira Santana are only 3 months old, but they are awaiting something pretty big — separation surgery. The girls are fused at the abdomen and share a liver. While they wait, they are housed with their parents, Denise Borges Oliveira and Caique Santana Ramos dos Santos, at Casa do Interior de Goiás that is kept by Organização das Voluntárias de Goiás, a place that hosts people for health care purposes.

“The family is poor,” shares André. “They are both young, only 20 years old, and go through several problems, as the Brazilian government gives little help.” But he hopes these photos give hope not only to the family, but to the rest of the world.

He explains, “Photography has the power to break such concepts and truly draw attention to something valuable, since these people are not alone in the world and fighting for life, and that is something that goes beyond good and evil. All of us have the right of living and with dignity.”

The photos are certainly breathtaking, and you can see the joy and love on their parents’ faces, even while it’s easy to understand the stress, the heartache and the uncertainty of their future.

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