Gender-Reveal Party Ideas You'll Actually Want to Copy

by Monica Beyer
Feb 2, 2018 at 10:44 a.m. ET

It's no surprise that "gender-reveal" parties (in quotes because they're actually about sex, not gender, but we digress) have become pretty trendy — and some parents-to-be really go the extra mile. Because after you reveal a pregnancy to friends and family, the next question seemingly everyone starts asking is about the sex of your child: "Do you know what you're having?" "Are you going to find out?" "Do you want a boy or a girl?" "What does your partner want?" "I'll bet you want a girl after all those boys!" and so on. 

And while most babies are indeed assigned a biological sex at birth, it's worth noting that gender is a) a spectrum, b) a personal identity your child will determine as they grow and c) not something any baby is born with. But it's also worth noting that parties are fun, and pregnancy is often less than fun, so you might as well celebrate what and while you can. If you're in the market for some sweet gender-reveal party ideas, you've come to the right place.

We rounded up the cutest and most unique ways to reveal the sex of your baby at a gathering of family and friends. From sweet treats with hidden centers to adorable (and interactive) party themes that get guests and siblings involved, check out these gender-reveal party ideas you'll actually want to copy. Bonus: They're not even all pink and blue. 

1 /14: Egg Roulette

1/14 :Egg Roulette

This party idea is super-intense and quite frankly hilarious. You take a dozen eggs and hard-boil only 11 of them. You then dye half of them one color, half of them another — or you can write one baby name on half of them, another on the rest. The one raw egg, of course, needs to correspond with the baby's actual name or sex. The parents-to-be then spend time alternating cracking them on their foreheads until the raw one is found, and the color of its shell reveals the truth. Terrifying yet tempting, no? 

Here's a real-life example in which this happy couple got down to the last two eggs — which made the experience that much more amusing for everyone present. 

2 /14: Exploding Baseballs

2/14 :Exploding Baseballs

It may be same-old pink vs. blue, but this is a gender-reveal idea you may not have experienced yet. If you love baseball, steal this idea from some MLB players (Christian Colón used it when he played for the Kansas City Royals). Buy plastic baseballs filled with colored powder and whack them with a bat (but please, take this outside because it's going to be messy).

Gender reveal baseballs, $20 for two at GenderRevealBaseball/Etsy

3 /14: Or... Exploding Golf Balls

3/14 :Or... Exploding Golf Balls

If you're more into golf than baseball, boy do we have some good news for you — yes, there are actually gender-reveal golf balls. This is another idea that should probably take place outdoors (unless you love having colored powder all over your living room). 

Gender reveal exploding golf balls, $16 for two at Amazon

4 /14: Confetti Cannon

4/14 :Confetti Cannon

Because actually blowing things up may be a bit too extreme for most partygoers, may we suggest the idea of a confetti cannon that can be used indoors? Of course, for those with a ton of outdoor space, you may consider getting several, but one seems perfectly adequate for your living room.

XL gender-reveal confetti cannon, $10 at RevealGender/Etsy

5 /14: ...Or More Low-Key Confetti

5/14 :...Or More Low-Key Confetti

Place pink or blue confetti — or you can totally choose other colors or even tiny slips of paper with baby names — inside balloons and fill them with helium. When it is time for the reveal, pop the balloon, and the colored confetti will come raining down on you to share the baby news with a dramatic effect.

6 /14: Snapchat Gender-Reveal Geofilter

6/14 :Snapchat Gender-Reveal Geofilter

Yep, this exists. This Etsy seller will custom-make a Snapchat Geofilter specifically for your event. Keep in mind you'll have to pay an additional cost to Snapchat, which will vary based on square footage of the area covered (as well as the time it'll be active). But really, how adorable?

Gender reveal Snapchat filter, $13 at thegeofiltershop/Etsy

7 /14: "Harry or Hermione" Cake Topper

7/14 :"Harry or Hermione" Cake Topper

Sure, you could get any old cake topper for a gender-reveal party, but if you head over to Etsy, there are crafty folks aplenty who can address your — and no doubt your unborn child's — surprisingly specific fandom for a truly unique piece of decor you'll treasure. 

"Harry or Hermione?" cake topper, $10 at AboutToPopCreations/Etsy

8 /14: Silly String

8/14 :Silly String

Get a bunch of Silly String in one color, remove the cap, and wrap the cans to further disguise them (for extra fun, wrap half in blue and half in pink, and instruct guests to choose their guess). At the specified time, tell everyone to spray their cans to reveal the answer. Fun and pretty easy to clean up (for someone else, not the pregnant person, because bending over while pregnant is no fun).

Silly String (pack of 12), $38 at Amazon

9 /14: Cupcakes, of Course

9/14 :Cupcakes, of Course

Cupcake fans can skip the cake and instead decorate the classic gender-reveal cupcakes with a surprise pink or blue center. These yummy cupcakes are not only totally Instagram-worthy; they also let you forgo the messy cake-cutting and simply pass them out to guests.

10 /14: Gender-Reveal Volcano

10/14 :Gender-Reveal Volcano

This is a great way to share the news with kids — check out these directions to make a blue or pink lava-filled volcano

11 /14: DIY Photo Booth Props

11/14 :DIY Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are all the rage, and with a little help, it's not hard to fashion props specifically tailored to the whole gender-reveal thing. This seller on Etsy provides a digital download, so it does require some work on your part, but if you can use scissors — and have some tape and wooden skewers lying around — they practically make themselves. 

Baby shower photo booth props, $6 on LaLadybugIdeasDigi/Etsy

12/14 :Piñata

A reveal piñata has two functions: 1) it alerts everyone to the sex of your baby and 2) you get to unload your pregnancy aggression on a cute box. Wait, make that three functions, because candy. This particular piñata you have to fill yourself, which means you can stuff all the chocolate you want in there in addition to colorful confetti. 

Gift box piñata, $27 at Theperfectpinata/Etsy

13 /14: Bubblegum Pic

13/14 :Bubblegum Pic

We love this bubblegum reveal, which is perfect for family photos, cards or a social media announcement. 

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