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Gender-Reveal Party Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Copy

It’s no surprise that “gender-reveal” parties (in quotes because they’re actually about sex, not gender, but we digress) have become pretty trendy — and some parents-to-be really go the extra mile. Because after you reveal a pregnancy to friends and family, the next question seemingly everyone starts asking is about the sex of your child: “Do you know what you’re having?” “Are you going to find out?” “Do you want a boy or a girl?” “What does your partner want?” “I’ll bet you want a girl after all those boys!” and so on. 

And while most babies are indeed assigned a biological sex at birth, it’s worth noting that gender is a) a spectrum, b) a personal identity your child will determine as they grow and c) not something any baby is born with. But it’s also worth noting that parties are fun, and pregnancy is often less than fun, so you might as well celebrate what and while you can. If you’re in the market for some sweet gender-reveal party ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

We rounded up the cutest and most unique ways to reveal the sex of your baby at a gathering of family and friends. From sweet treats with hidden centers to adorable (and interactive) party themes that get guests and siblings involved, check out these gender-reveal party ideas you’ll actually want to copy. Bonus: They’re not even all pink and blue. 

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