11 Reasons moms are just like Disney princesses

by Eve Vawter
Feb 17, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Moms have to deal with lots of annoying little people.

1 /10: You love mom friends.

1/10 :You love mom friends.

You know you can always count on your mom friends.

2 /10: You are a protector.

2/10 :You are a protector.

A mom will do anything to protect her family.

3 /10: Babies pull hair.

3/10 :Babies pull hair.

Babies love nothing more than pulling your hair, and one Disney princess knows exactly how annoying that is.

4 /10: Remember reading?

4/10 :Remember reading?

Just like Belle, you adore reading a good book and getting lost in the pages... without being interrupted.

5 /10: It's handled.

5/10 :It's handled.

You can deal with just about anything, and you can keep your cool in very stressful situations.

6 /10: Just like Mom.

6/10 :Just like Mom.

Just like a certain princess, it's pretty safe to say that we've all had arguments with our moms.

7 /10: A whole new world.

7/10 :A whole new world.

Sigh. Moms know what it's like to long for adventure, even if that "adventure" is just going to Target alone.

8 /10: All too familiar.

8/10 :All too familiar.

Cinderella was just preparing for when she had kids of her own to clean up after.

9 /10: Remember sleeping?

9/10 :Remember sleeping?

Remember sleeping? Without being interrupted? Yeah, neither does Aurora.

10 /10: Whatsitsgalore.

10/10 :Whatsitsgalore.

Moms are always finding weird things: half-eaten cookies in the sofa cushions, broken parts of toys. We have all the treasures and gadgets and gizmos and whosits.