16 silly crafts kids can make with a paper plate

by Whitney Coy
Mar 10, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET

If you've got paper plates hanging around the house (and what parent who's thrown a birthday party doesn't?), then you're halfway to a fun time crafting with the kids. It turns out this kitchen basic can be turned into everything from a sweet sheep to a wonderful whale if you've got a little crafty know-how and some kids ready to get creative. So dive into our paper plate crafts roundup. The kids will have a blast (and you probably will too). 

1 /17: Wormy apple

1/17 :Wormy apple

This apple is the perfect gift for a teacher. 

2/17 :Walrus

What's not to love about this walrus craft?

3/17 :Owl

Making these owls with your littles will be a hoot!

4/17 :Sheep

Get rid of all that trash in your shredder by making this sheep

5/17 :Whale

Have some under-the-sea fun with this big blue whale

6/17 :Fishbowl

Combine snack time and craft time with this fishbowl.

7 /17: Sunshine and rainbows

7/17 :Sunshine and rainbows

Bring some sunshine to a rainy day with this craft

8 /17: Snake

8/17 :Snake

Bubble wrap gives this snake its fun texture. 

9 /17: Flower

9/17 :Flower

Everyone likes flowers. Make these with your kids and maybe they'll give you one. 

10 /17: Desk caddy

10/17 :Desk caddy

Make a mess creating this caddy and then use it to corral all your supplies when cleaning up.

11 /17: Fingerpaint snails

11/17 :Fingerpaint snails

The little ones wilL love getting their hands dirty when making this shell

12/17 :Turtle

Use your leftover tissue paper with this adorable turtle

13 /17: Pink pig

13/17 :Pink pig

A paper plate serves as the base for this pink cotton ball pig

14 /17: Tambourines

14/17 :Tambourines

If you can stand the noise, your kids will love this craft

15 /17: Jellyfish

15/17 :Jellyfish

As if these jellyfish aren't cool enough, they glow in the dark!

16 /17: Butterflies

16/17 :Butterflies

Use up loose buttons and sparkly things with these super-simple butterflies.

17 /17: Getting crafty

17/17 :Getting crafty

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