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These Pumpkin-Carving Templates Pretty Much Guarantee a Stellar Jack-o’-Lantern

Let’s be real. Pumpkin-carving can be tear-inducing. Sure, it’s all in the name of good fun, but when kids dive in and just can’t seem to pull off the great artistic vision they have in their heads, they get frustrated. What may exist in a little mind’s eye as a perfectly executed (and totally spooky) jack-o’-lantern face can turn into a major mess with one false move.

While this cold dose of reality is quite common, don’t fret. Pumpkin-carving can still be fun — and worthy of an Instagram snap — when you prepare by printing off a few simple templates in advance. We’ve got bats, monsters, ghosts, skulls, happy pumpkin faces and plenty more printables to impress your (and everybody else’s) kids this Halloween.

Originally published September 2015. Updated September 2017.

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