Placenta bracelets & more wild things moms can make with their afterbirth

by Bethany Ramos
Dec 13, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Image: Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images

After giving birth, you are a fool if you throw your perfectly good placenta out. What is your placenta, if not a blank canvas for a work of art?

There's that old saying — placenta crafts are in the eye of the beholder. Wait, you haven't heard that saying? Just us? 

Well, there are plenty of new moms out there who could never stomach the thought of repurposing an organ, and there are just as many moms who think it's a great idea to use what God gave ya. Or maybe you're just feeling extra hungry after popping out that baby, and you want something good to eat. We're not going to judge. Here are more than a dozen ideas to keep you busy if you can't bear to part with your post-baby placenta:

1 /10: Placenta art

1/10 :Placenta art

Shockingly creative placenta prints are made by — you guessed it — slapping your fresh placenta on a canvas and turning it into a work of art.

2 /10: Placenta beads

2/10 :Placenta beads

String up a few handmade beads to make a beautiful necklace containing dried human placenta. (The human placenta part will be our little secret.)

3 /10: Placenta bracelet

3/10 :Placenta bracelet

This bangin' placenta bangle bracelet could be yours for the low price of two dehydrated placenta capsules, plus $50. Seems legit.

4 /10: Placenta dish

4/10 :Placenta dish

What do you get for the person who has everything? Answer: a custom-made placenta paperweight, complete with veins, arteries, umbilical cord and everything. Bonus: This placenta fused-glass dish also doubles as a soap dish or candleholder.

5 /10: Placenta encapsulation

5/10 :Placenta encapsulation

Arguably one of the more popular postpartum placenta preservation projects, this DIY kit will allow you to encapsulate your own raw placenta to eat and make your own fresh placenta print. All you need is a working oven (and an iron stomach).

6 /10: Placenta necklace

6/10 :Placenta necklace

This is the gift that keeps on giving. A placenta powder necklace will keep your baby busy while breastfeeding and also give you the golden opportunity to wear your placenta around your neck.

7 /10: Placenta smoothie

Image: Westend61/Getty Images

7/10 :Placenta smoothie

Eating your placenta after birth is all the rage, thanks to celebrities like Gaby Hoffmann. Fry it up like a steak or blend it up in a smoothie, if you're feeling adventurous.

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8 /10: Placenta tree

8/10 :Placenta tree

In a variation of the placenta print, you can turn the stamp from this life-giving organ into a Tree of Life to hang in your baby's nursery. (We bet it will "grow" on you — yuk yuk.)

9/10 :Umbilical cord heart

There's always that one placental crafter who takes it too far for the sake of the art. Presenting a placenta keepsake that will either warm your heart or give you the chills — this hand-twined umbilical cord heart may be a good alternative to keeping your baby's cord stump in a dusty shoebox.

10 /10: Placenta shirt

10/10 :Placenta shirt

While not technically a placenta craft, you can have something to show for it if you were brave enough to eat that sucker.