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Kaavia James Jokes She Contributes ‘60-40’ in Her House & We Are on the Floor Laughing With Mom Gabrielle Union

Kaavia James is paying more than her fair share to the Union-Wade household, thank you very much. The 4-year-old took to Instagram to talk about her money (as you do), when her mom Gabrielle Union asked her an apparently very controversial question about splitting the bills. Shady Baby’s answer literally sent Union to the floor laughing, it was so cute.

The video starts with Kaavia, dressed in a pretty white summer dress, talking about money. The Truth Be Told star, who shares Kaavia with husband Dwyane Wade, asked her: “Your money’s not in the bank?”

Kaavia responded, “It’s still in there but I got more money.” She emphasizes this with a twirl. You go girl! Be proud of that hard-earned cash.

But one thing remains unclear… “Are you paying your taxes, Kaav?” Union asks.

After a look (you know the one) and a little tap dance, Kaavia says, “A lot.” Then she pops a snack in her mouth, like that’s the end of that conversation.

Except … it’s not. “Do you pay state and federal?” Union pushes, trying to make sure her baby girl is committing zero crimes today. She doesn’t answer at first, so Union asks again, “Girl, did you pay your taxes?”

This time, she decisively nods and says, “Tax!” You know she’s on top of it.

Paying the bills is something Kaavia excels at, apparently. Next, Union asks, “Kaav, do you pay fifty-fifty in this house?”

Kaavia smiles and answers in the sweetest voice possible, “Sixty.” She then twirls like the queen she is. In the next shot, Union falls to the floor laughing and the camera pans over to several other women cracking up at Kaavia’s answer.

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