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Lance Bass Believes Becoming a Parent Helped Him Overcome His ‘Worst Quality’

Lance Bass said “Bye Bye Bye” to a certain personality trait after he became a father of twins — and becoming a dad to two kids at the same time makes the feat all the more impressive.

During an interview with People about all things parenthood, the *NSYNC alum revealed how much he’s learned since welcoming his 18-month-old twin daughter and son, Violet Betty and Alexander James. Bass admitted to the publication, “I am not a patient person at all, never have been.” While he said that his tendency to be impatient is “definitely my worst quality,” he added, “Having these kids has really taught me to be patient, and I think that’s just one amazing thing [parenthood] has added to my life.”

He may be improving his patience, but that doesn’t keep him from being “the more stern parent” between himself and his husband, Michael Turchin. “My husband, he’s definitely a pushover,” Bass revealed with a laugh, adding that their kids are bound “to get anything they want with him.” Taking up the role of the parent who keeps his kids’ feet on the ground, the singer said, “I’ve got to be the one that disciplines a little more so that they don’t [get] their way and get spoiled.”

All jokes aside, Bass shared, “Overall we’re pretty similar, but he’ll definitely give in a lot quicker than I will.” The good-cop-bad-cop trope lives another day through these two!

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