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Bruce Willis’ 9-Year-Old Daughter Evelyn Is Caring For Her Dad in the Most Heartwarming Way Amid Dementia Diagnosis

Bruce Willis‘ youngest daughter may only be 9 years old, but she isn’t letting that stop her from helping her dad as he navigates life with dementia.

The Die Hard actor’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, shared the sweet story about their daughter Evelyn in a series of videos on her Instagram. She began, “So I have to tell you this story, and I’m going to try and do it without crying — Because when Evelyn told me this story, I was an absolute puddle.”

Launching into her recollection, Heming Willis shared, “So Evelyn says to me the other day, ‘Did you know that people with dementia can become severely dehydrated?’ And I said, ‘Oh.’ I said, ‘I didn’t know that, but how do you know that?”

“She said, ‘Well I was at school the other day, and I had some free time and I was looking up fun facts about dementia.'” Heming Willis paused and said, “Now, that’s not funny, but it’s kind of funny.” She added, “And she really is her father’s child because these two love some just… random facts.”

Picking up where she left off, the mom of two continued, “So I said to her, I said, ‘Okay Evelyn, we will always make sure daddy has a bottle of water in hand. Thank you for letting me know.’ And I said, ‘But that is the most loving and compassionate thing that you can do is to be curious and educate yourself on your dad’s disease.'”

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