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A Couple Is Asking Their Pregnant Neighbor to ‘Cover Up’ & Reddit Is Asking Them To Shove It

There are so many clichés when it comes to wonderful neighbors. You can turn to them when you need a cup of sugar, they bring baked goods when someone new moves in down the street, and they give a friendly wave every morning when you head off to work or in the afternoon when your kid walks home from school. And sure, some of those tropes were born out of truth, and that’s wonderful.

But we know there are also pain-in-the-a** neighbors who are too loud, too noisy, or just too much. One pregnant woman on Reddit joined the “Am I The A—hole” thread to tell the internet about her neighbors who are too f*cking rude.

This woman is 8 months pregnant and feeling pretty uncomfortable. Luckily, she is fortunate enough to have a pool in her backyard.

“Being in the water helps enormously, so I like to spend a good chunk of time most evenings just floating in my pool,” she wrote, and there really are a whole lot of benefits to swimming while pregnant.

“I wear a bikini to do this because it’s about a million times easier than fighting with a one piece. The end result of this is that my neighbors get an eyeful of a large, pale (wear sunscreen, kids!), stretchmark-covered belly when they look in the direction of my backyard.”

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