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A Parent on Reddit Doesn’t Want Their Kid ‘Damaged’ by Seeing One of the Most Human Acts

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled “Am I The A—hole?” coverage and bringing you a special report from the Parenting subreddit. One mom confided in the internet, saying her spouse thinks it’s “damaging” for their 3-year-old to see her cry. Um, what?!

“My spouse insists it’s bad for our toddler to see me cry, so they will often take the toddler out of the house and leave me alone,” she wrote in her original post on Thursday. “What I would prefer is for our toddler to see [my spouse] comforting me, but my spouse thinks that I should be able to always comfort myself.”

Of course, OP can and does end up comforting herself because her husband (OP genders him later in the comments) flies the coop and takes the child with him whenever the tears begin to fall.

“I’m also not a wailer or a big bawler so I’m not a loud cryer (loud noises are scary for a toddler I get that),” she wrote. “But it’s usually me just sad about something. I’ll just say that it’s tough being a parent without either of your parents and I definitely don’t have enough support, let alone a village.”

It absolutely is! And honestly, OP shouldn’t have to preface why she’s crying. She should not be shamed for crying even if it’s for something as simple as a heartwarming commercial (guilty!).

“Anyway, what’s your take on crying in front of the kids? How do you handle it?”

Ok, OP may not be asking this, but let us just say her husband is being a bit of an a—hole! And Redditors are totally backing this up.

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