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Michelle Obama’s Latest Project Aims To Make Parents’ Lives a Little Easier & We’re Here for It

From the day they are born, there’s nothing easy about feeding a child. There’s the struggle of getting them to latch or having them take a bottle. There are the seemingly endless night feeds. There’s the mom shaming for breastfeeding in public (the horror!).

And the drama continues once they switch to solids. There’s the joy (*eye roll*) of trying to get a spoonful of mush into a wriggly baby’s mouth and desperately trying to teach them how to use a spoon themselves (this genius set totally helps!). And let’s not forget the stress of introducing allergens.

Once they finally, finally, finally can eat independently and make requests, the healthy food battle begins. And boy, are parents stuck behind the eight ball on that one. Because let’s face it, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese will always reign supreme, and the snack aisle is overrun with sugar. It’s something former First Lady Michelle Obama noticed when her daughters — Malia, 24 and Sasha, 21 — were growing up, and she was never satisfied with the options available to her family.

“When my girls were younger, no choice felt more important than the quality of the food and drinks I gave them,” she said. “I constantly found myself wishing there were more healthy options available for moms like me.”

And so the former First Lady — who spent her eight years in the White House helping kids and families become healthier — is doing something about it.

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