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A 10-Year-Old’s Genius Financial Plan Is Going Viral on TikTok & He Deserves a Round of Applause

Silence is a weird sound for parents to hear. You desperately want it, but once it’s there, your mind starts racing over what could have made it happen. Did the kids zone out watching TV? Are they reading a book? Or, like Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and former NFL player Andrew East perfectly showcased, did something go terribly wrong?

In an Instagram reel, the couple peacefully meal prepped in the kitchen while audio of children screaming, shrieking, and crying as objects smash into walls played in the background. They seemed fine and dandy until they heard “the only sound that scares parents”…

“…silence,” the reel said.

The two looked up and then quickly ran off in either direction to see what went so wrong that the kids got quiet.

One mom on TikTok said that at 10:30 on a Friday night, her youngest son was quiet. “So quiet that I thought he had gone to bed,” she said in the caption. Because sometimes (in rare and exciting cases) the silence means they decided to catch some z’s.

“Nope,” she continued on the video that has more than 1 million likes. “He was just preparing a financial presentation for us. 😂”

The 10-year-old came into the living room with a large piece of brown paper that mapped out his seriously genius money-saving plan.

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