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John Legend Shares the ‘Embarrassing’ Thing Son Miles Does on the Way to School

 Nobody knows how to embarrass you like your kids. John Legend just shared the hilarious way his 4-year-old son Miles makes him blush during school drop-off, and it’s so funny.

The “In My Mind” singer appeared on an episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden last week, alongside Jennifer Garner. Host James Corden bonded with the stars over the fact that they all have three kids, prompting Legend to sing, “Three is the magic number.” Then the conversation turned to the special request Legend’s kids make on the way to school.

“When you drive your kids to school, I overhear that they request that you play your own music in the car?” Corden asked. “Ah, c’mon!” Garner exclaimed, making Legend laugh.

“Especially my son,” Legend confirmed. “He’s — literally — my biggest fan.” How cute is that?


“He knows all songs. Not only does he know the songs, he’s like Rainman with the lengths of the songs,” Legend continued. “He remembers how long each song is, and he’s like, ‘Actually, “Green Light” is a little longer than this one, it’s 3:19.’”

Then Corden asked what we’re all thinking: “Have you ever pulled up next to a parent, like in the drop-off line, with your own music blaring out?”

“Yes. And it’s embarrassing,” Legend responds, making the audience laugh. “My kids go to school with, like, Jay-Z’s kids and Beyonce’s kids, and I’m pulling up playing my music loud, and it’s embarrassing, honestly.”

Especially because Jay-Z and Beyonce aren’t playing their music in the car.

“No, he’s not playing, you know, ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ in the car with his kids,” Legend added.

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