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A Mother of the Groom Secretly Invited More Than Two Dozen People to the Wedding & Reddit Is Calling Her on Her BS

The [all-too-accurate] cliché when planning a wedding is that it becomes about everyone except the bride and groom. We believe that unless they are insisting on nudity or seriously snubbing their generous dressmaker, the bride and groom should get first dibs on calling the shots. Not the parents of the couple. Not the siblings. Not the members of the wedding party. It is not their day (as much as they might think it is), so they do not get to take over.

Sure, we’ve seen the line get blurred depending on who is footing the bill for the big day, but nine times out of 10, the bride and groom should get to make the decisions. They should get to choose the menu and the DJ and the color of the bridesmaid dresses. And if the parents of the bride and groom can’t get behind that, they might as well close their checkbooks. Engagements and weddings should be filled with love and excitement for the future, not bitterness about little details like centerpieces. So we couldn’t believe it when one mother of the groom posted in the Reddit “Am I The A—hole” thread to explain how she had taken over something as major as the guest list.

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