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Every Single Time Drew Scott & Linda Phan Gave Fans a Glimpse Into Life With Their Son Parker

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While we adore it when our favorite celebrity couples post photos of their children, we can’t help but lose it every time Drew Scott and Linda Phan post a super-rare update on their almost one-year-old son Parker.

Scott and Phan originally met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010. After a few years together, Scott proposed to Phan on Dec 13, 2016, and later married in 2018. After over a decade together, Scott and Phan announced they were expecting a son after two years of IUI and IVF treatments. Later, they welcomed their son Parker James in May 2022, specifically on the day of their fourth wedding anniversary.

While they’re unbelievably proud first-time parents, they share updates on their son in a unique way. To have the best of both worlds, they post photos of their son, but hide his face to keep his privacy. (We love to see celebrity parents doing this!) While some “fans” may have an issue with this, it doesn’t stop them from sharing some incredibly heartwarming updates that share some insight into what their son is like!

Now, springtime is a big season for the Scott-Phan household. Not only is Phan’s birthday on April 22, but the It Takes Two co-author’s birthday is on April 28. Along with the proud parents, their son Parker’s birthday is on May 4! In honor of the family of three,

In honor of Phan’s 38th birthday today, let’s check out every single time she and Scott gave us a glimpse into what their adorable son Parker is like! Check out the Instagram posts and interview clips below:

Knitted Baby (2023)

If you notice a pattern, Parker frequently rocks the knitted wear (and seems to love morning walks with his dad!)

Stylish Baby (2023)

When Scott asked, “Who Wore it Better,” everyone couldn’t help but gush at how stylish Parker already is!

Height Update (2023)

At not even one year old, Parker is already half the size of Linda (who is 5’2”!)

Favorite Nap Spot (2023)

This photo shows that Parker’s favorite nap spot is his own papa!

Music Loving Baby (2023)

Yet again, we see that Parker truly adores the acoustic guitar.

Playtime with Grandma (2023)

Parker not only loves playtime, but he adores educational games with grandma!

First Father’s Day (2022)

When Linda Phan posted this photo and video of Drew Scott on his first Father’s Day, dancing with Parker, our hearts melted.

First Costume (2022)

Parker’s first Halloween costume was this pirate’s costume, and everyone was geeking out over it!

RDF (2022)

Remember when Scott posted his resting dad face? Truly, all parents can relate.

New Mama Linda (2022)

Everyone’s hearts melted when Scott posted this appreciative photo of Phan playing with their son, saying, “This is a Linda appreciation post for kicking butt as a new mom. 🥰”

Wrap Master (2022)

Scott revealed he’s a master at wrapping, so Parker stays cozy and warm all day!

Creative Spirit (2022)

Phan and Scott couldn’t help but make everyone laugh with how Parker creatively poops. Everybody poops, but Parker does it creatively.

Serenading the Baby (2022)

This adorable photo was the first instance that we saw how much Parker loves the acoustic guitar! Our hearts!

Parker’s Shed (2022)

When the lovebirds showed off their colorful family shed, Parker looked so happy!

Foottime with Papa (2022)

Not only did we learn that Parker and Scott facetime on Scott’s long days, but Parker loves to show off his baby feet for his papa!

Dancer in the Making (2022)

This video proved that Parker is a little dancer in the making, while he salsa-danced with his papa!

Grandparents’ Favorite (2022)

Look at the looks of love grandma and grandpa Scott are giving Parker! He’s truly the apple of everyone’s eye.

Matching Costumes (2022)

These handmade pumpkin costumes are the cutest family costumes we’ve ever seen!

Tiny Sherlock Holmes (2022)

“Detective Parker is on the case!” Not only did we catch a glimpse of his early love for mysteries, but he has some adorable brown eyes.

Entertaining Papa (2022)

When Scott said, “Daddy’s beard and forehead. Hours of entertainment,” we then realized how much Parker loves playing with his father’s furry face.

Parker is Born (2022)

Welcome to the world Parker! We remember this like it was yesterday.

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