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A Woman Is Tracking Down Her Boyfriend’s Estranged Father & Reddit Is Begging Her to Do Less

When we read the headline of a recent post on the “Am I The Asshole?” Reddit page, we had a sense of déjà vu. “WIBTA If I find my boyfriend’s estranged father?” the writer asked.

Now where have we heard that before? Oh right, it sounds like the plot of several made-for-TV movies. The ones where there’s a big brooding man with a heart of gold. He would get married and start a family if he wasn’t haunted by his past. A past that involves a dad who left him behind. And though it may seem important, that past is not something he wants to face.

He swears he doesn’t want to meet his dad, but the woman in his life knows it’s exactly what he needs. And so Nancy Drew sets off to find the man who made it so hard for her partner to trust anyone. The man who forced her partner to build a wall around his heart. If only the two could meet, everyone would be better off. If only the dad had a chance to tell his son he loves him and that he was wrong to leave, everything would be better. Everything would be fixed. Right? Right?! Well a woman on Reddit is basically trying to figure that out, and the internet is begging her to stop.

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