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Rachel McAdams Is an A-List Movie Star, But Her ‘Mom Life’ Sounds Refreshingly Like Ours

Rachel McAdams gave us a rare insight into her family life with partner Jamie Linden, their kids, and their two dogs. Despite being the star of some of the biggest movies of our youth — Mean Girls and The Notebook to name a few — the A-lister seems to keep things pretty casual at home.

In a cover interview with Bustle, McAdams revealed that she has a quiet life in the South with her family, including two terrier mix dogs. “All my bikes have baby seats,” she said, explaining that her favorite thing to do is “to ride around town with one of her kids strapped to the back of her bike.”


McAdams welcomed a baby boy in 2018, telling The Sunday Times U.K. at the time, “I want to keep his life private, even if mine isn’t.” She also welcomed a daughter in 2020.

Although she doesn’t share much about her kids, she did reveal a few more details about them in her interview with Bustle, which took place in Key West, Florida, where Judy Blume lives and owns a bookstore. McAdams stopped there to buy the Good Night Florida Keys picture book and two copies of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. This infamous book is the same one in which McAdams plays the mom, Barbara Simon, in the highly anticipated film adaption.

According to the outlet, she bought two copies, “One for her daughter to have when she reaches the right age, and one for her mom.)” She also bought another Blume book for her son, “Who recently learned about menstruation from watching Pixar’s Turning Red,” according to the article. Although the 5-year-old didn’t “quite grasp the concept.”

Riding bikes, reading Judy Blume, watching Disney+? McAdams sounds exactly like us as moms — and we love it! She doesn’t have to post a million pictures of her kids on Instagram for us to know how much she absolutely adores them in the small hints she gives us. It sounds like she wants them to grow up with a totally normal life out of the spotlight and more props to her. You could casually run into them at an ice cream shop or children’s hour at the library and never realize because they’ve been raised just like any other kid.

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